The application process at Champion will follow the following steps:

Step 1: New Families Make sure you have reviewed all the appropriate handbooks and information at Champion, met with administrators and the financial aid director, and make a decision that Champion is the place that you would like to enroll your child. If you are a re-enrolling family you may go immediately to iChampion.

Step 2: Enrollment Application & Registration Fees Complete and sign the application and submit it with the registration fee. In order to receive the early registration discount as a re-enrolling family, you must pay the registration fee by March 31. Current families applying for the next school year are automatically enrolled and do not need to complete the enrollment application. Please Note: New families applying for the first time to Champion automatically receive an early registration discount regardless of when they apply. However, getting priority on financial aid is contingent upon applying early in the process. The registration fee is non refundable. The remainder of the steps are now completed on our online parent portal at iChampion. This is located at It is possible to view some information at the portal with guest access, but once you have applied, been accepted, and paid your registration fees you will be issued a username and password to the portal with directions to log in.

Step 3: Financial Aid Application (iChampion) If you cannot afford to pay full tuition at Champion Christian please apply for financial aid (see previous instructions). Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) will process your application and give the results to the financial aid director.

Step 4: Financial Aid Award Letter After the Champion Christian Financial Aid Department receives notification from STS, they will submit to you an award letter on iChampion. That award letter will detail your cost for tuition for the current year, the amount of financial aid you received and is available, and give you two weeks to accept your financial aid package. Under the financial aid award letter there will be several components. The first will be the actual costs of tuition and each child's tuition will be broken down individually. This amount would be the amount that you are required to pay for tuition. There will then be a section stating the actual cost of the tuition, and ending with the financial aid awarded. It is important to note that there may be types of awards that require your action or completion by certain deadlines. The award letter's next section would then be a subtotal. This amount would be the amount that you are required to pay for tuition or use the work program to help support. Application fees charged by STS for financial aid are not refundable. We will NOT issue a financial aid award until your application and registration fee have been paid.

Step 5: Submission of your signed service agreement letter (iChampion) You must first of all accept your financial aid package on iChampion before the office will complete a contract. This notes your acceptance of the financial award package and your tuition payment amount. After we get that acceptance, we will then draft a service agreement contract for you to sign. You may edit the payment types, names, and other personal choices on this contract. You may NOT alter the agreement itself. Once you have completed this agreement your child may attend school. There are several other enrollment steps that must be completed on iChampion by parents and students before attending school. They are the Handbook and Student Profile sign-offs as well as the hot lunch financial applications.

Step 6: Materials fee due on July 31.  The first school year tuition payment is due before the first day of school then will proceed according to your payment plans. Material fees are due on or before July 31st.

Step 7: Tuition rates for this year The current tuition rates can be found on the current tuition sheet. It is important to note that financial aid is similar, but contains different aspects that the school program can offer depending on funding. The financial aid office can help you determine these differences. More information about the work program can be obtained from the financial aid office. This program is available regardless of income. You will need to read over the guidelines for the program on the website at Families are eligible for paying up to one half of their tuition with the work program. Please note that there are no multi-child discounts or pastoral discounts that are available for tuition. More information on the work program can be found on iChampion. *Any program offered by the Center is available to anyone, regardless of their age, sex, national origin, race, color, disability, ancestry or religious creed.

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