Why Should I Choose Champion Christian School?

    Many people wonder what is behind the Christian school movement. They are under the mistaken impression that having a Christian family and sending students to a good secular government school will be just fine.  We now know from research that is not true.  We believe parents who are ready to re-think their old assumptions about education, or parents who have a good understanding about Christian education should have answers to be able to make important decisions about the education of their children.  At CCS we want to  provide those resources that help people think about what is important about their children's education.  The links and information below are an attempt to look candidly at some of the heart and soul of why Champion Christian School exists and some common questions parents ask about education.  Please click on any of the following links to find helpful resources involved in enrolling children in Champion Christian School. 

    We also love to talk to people about these kinds of questions!  Call us, or email us at info@champion.org with CCS in the subject heading.  There are many complex and confusing issues for parents in today's culture.  Let us interact with you in ways that are helpful to you!   D. Merle Skinner, Administrator


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Do your teachers have appropriate credentials?

2.  Are the kids at CCS all "preppy" kids or kids that couldn't make it in other schools?  

3.  How do students achieve academically at CCS?

4.  If my local pubic school is a good school, why should I send my child to CCS? 

5.  What is the overall Educational Quality of CCS and private schools?   

6. How do Christian school students compare to students in Catholic, public, and home schools?


Additional resources can be found at:

- The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)

- Council for American Private Education (CAPE) & their video series on private education

- Cardus Education Survey

- Our archived copies of Christian School Comments










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