Making Payments to Champion Christian School

            We understand that in our culture paying for school can be seen as a new thing.  As you already know, the Center does everything that it can to try to make affording a high-quality Christian Education, like Champion, possible.  We look to businesses and the community to do their part.  In that context though, please remember that we need you to do your part.  We always operate on very tight margins, and your payment being on time could mean the difference on paying our bills or our staff on time.  Please work hard to do make your payment on time, and if an emergency comes up that doesn't allow you to do so, please contact us right away at North Campus. 




The tuition payment program at CCS is managed by Simple Tuition Solutions (STS).  Their website is:  STS is a PA provider of tuition/fee billing and management service.  STS receives your payments, processes them, and deposits the funds into CCS's bank account.  The use of this service allows us to provide for you several options to manage your payments and view your ongoing statement on line. STS requires you to submit an agreement to CCS.  That agreement can be found online.


Getting started:

Parents will need to complete an enrollment form.  Be sure to provide your e-mail address as STS regularly communicates important information about your account by e-mail.  Account set up includes creating a Username and Password.  You can access your personal account information at where you will be able to make payments, view balances due, and find answers to commonly asked questions. 



You will receive a monthly invoice through email or you can choose to setup automatic payments.  Payments can be made by mail, making a phone-in payment to STS, credit card payment ($1.00-$2.50 processing fee), or paying online at can also be made at north or south campus by check or cash with no additional fee. Paying by credit card at our campuses will include a 3% fee.



STS' parent help center is available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your account, at (717) 599-7611 or by emailing  You can also contact the financial department at CCS by calling (724) 593-9200. 



          Please check out the following links to find out more, or contact us at or by phone at 724-593-9200.


General Financial Aid Information 

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