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 Introduction to iChampion 

     iChampion is the Center and Champion Christian School's Learning Management System (LMS).  Guests may view certain classes without having a username and password, but most users will need a username and password to access the system.  All CCS students and parents from CCS have a login and username assigned to them.  There are introductiory classes that are developed for each user group to help learn how to navigate this blended format of learning.  The developing of the basic navigation skills are necessary to utilize the system.  Your first class will be the introduction to iChampion for your appropriate usergroup.  

Email us at info@champion.org for additional information about this exciting way to access Christian classes at the Center.



Classes Available to Everyone

Re-Thinking K-12 Education from a Christian Worldview? 

In continuing our mission of educating, equipping, and engaging the world for Christ, we have been engaged in the integration of technology since our early roots.  Our blended learning programs start at the upper Elementary level and are very advanced at the High School level.  In fact, we have many blended and some completely online classes that are designed to provide high school and dual enrollment class credits for students. In addition the Center has developed a relationship with several Christian Universites which enables High School Students to take online College Level Dual Enrollment Classes.  

The CCS classes are offered by instructors at Champion Christian School and provide the following in a semester long academic course:

1. Academic credit for high school students and dual credit opportunities for several classes like Introduction to Psychology, Literature, History, and others. .
2. An awareness of a subject from a distinctly Christian worldview
3. An ability to take the class online and in the comfort of your own home, and yet have the personal touch of an instructor who is available for additional help if you are interested.

Classes officially begin at the start of either the fall or winter semesters, but the add-drop period lasts just a few weeks after those start dates. Cost for each class is determined annually, but regular CCS Online courses do not cost CCS students any fees to take them for High School Credit.  Dual credit classes for College Credit are available for a fee.   Online classes are available to students enrolled in other schools  for a fee.  There is a discount for any student who enrolls in advance. Some courses also have a required book that you may need to purchase if there are not enough copies in either of the Center's libraries or if you cannot locate one. Register by emailing us at
info@champion.org for additional information.

Some Courses Offered

An Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective
This course offers students an overview of the study of Psychology and identifies areas where worldview creates differences in perspectives. Topics such as major theories, Freud, Cognitive Behavior Theory, Developmental Psychology, and therapy are discussed. This is an upper level high school course for Juniors and Seniors, but is designed to be practical, helpful, and provides a great introduction to the study of man, how God is at the center of that design, and how the Fall has lasting impact on who we are!  This class is available for both High School Credit or Dual credit with Colorado Christian University.   Instructor: Dr. D. Merle Skinner  

See course outline: http://www.champion.org/ccs/online/introtopsych.pdf

A Christian View of Marriage and Family

This course offers students an overview of the study of the family by integrating biblical truth within the study of family to see how God has created the family unit uniquely for man.  Topics such as marriage, dating, parenting, basic relationships, family dynamics and much more are offered.  This is an upper level high school course for Juniors and Seniors, but it is designed to be helpful and practical at the same time.  Dual credit course status is being offered from Colorado Christian University.   Instructor:  Dr. D. Merle Skinner

Fundamentals of Literature
This course examines the six fundamentals of literature, including plot, theme, characterization, setting, symbol, and point of view. It involves the reading of various genres of literature: short stories, novel excerpts, lyrical and narrative poetry, and one play. The course examines the author's use of the six fundamentals of literature in various reading selections. In addition to the reading assignments, students are required to complete various vocabulary assignments, write short essays and several longer essays, and poetry. Students must also complete various online assignments, including additional readings and forum responses. This course is designed for High School Freshman and Sophomores, but can be taken by older students as needed. Instructor: Mr. Dean Pizer

Advanced English Composition

Advanced English Composition is an upper level high school writing composition course that prepares students for freshmen college English courses.  The focus of the course is to practice writing various types 
of essays and using proper research techniques.  There is also emphasis placed on critical reading and analysis skills.
Instructor: Mr. Dean Pizer

High School Geometry

This is a high school geometry class designed to be able to be taken on line and is offered to high school sophomores and above that have the appropriate pre-requisites.  Students must complete various online assignments, including additional calculations and computations and forum responses. This course is designed for High School Sophomores, but can be taken by older students as needed.
Instructor, Mrs. Rachel Brant


If you are taking an online class or CEU with Champion, Log on to CCS Online at www.champion.org/iChampion

     *iChampion is where each of the classes live and depending on your level of access you should be able to see classes that are available to you.  Some classes are available via a guest account which allow you to view and see them.  Most will require you to register to have access to them. 

      *CCS students are able to access most of their traditional classes to be able to see homework assignments, access supplimentary material if they are having trouble in a class, do extra credit, and see notes that were posted during the day.   

      *High School, blended, and online classes are located here as well as Adult classes.  Once you enroll in a class, it becomes accessable to you.  If you want to view a class before signing up please contact us at info@champion.org to request permission.  Students from outside of CCS may elect to take a class as well.  We continue to develop additional online classes at this point including Christian Psychology, Literature, and Math.  These classes are available as electives that a High School Student can take in addition to their regular classes.

      *This Parent Porthole is a place for parents to utilize for important information, training, and accessibility to grades as well as register their children for school.  

The following guidelines are useful places to start:
   a.  Student usernames follow this example:  firstname_lastname  (suzy_benson)

   b.  Student passwords were established based on what student gave or was assigned at school or through your registration for this class.  If you do not know that password, please email us at info@champion.org.  When usernames are first assigned they are required to be changed upon login.

   Inside this class you will see several activities and Learning Modules that provide ways to learn about iChampion.  They are:

    a.  Watch a video about navigating iChampion

    b.  Make a note in the Read and Respond Section of the Class

    c.  Post a picture (sorry students, not a graphic, but a picture of yourself that you like). 

   As a part of registering for a class your iChampion ID will also be associated with your email.  CCS fulltime students will utililze their champion.org email account.   

Please feel free to contact us at info@champion.org with iChampion in the subject line for additional information. 


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