The Special Academic Support Programs at the Center
a ministry of the Christian Family & Children's Center

ED00228_.WMF (15276 bytes) Tutoring: Tutoring at the Center is available for students who are in Champion Christian as well as enrolled in other schools.  There are a variety of ways that can be experienced through Title services as well as Private Tutoring.  Information can be obtained through the Center to learn more.

Discovery:  The Discovery Program is a special program that is designed to meet very specific needs of certain students. The Board of Directors of the Center share your commitment to Discovery students' growth by supplementing this program with funds from the general budget. The Center has also covered teacher training expenses and the start-up costs for this program. We realize that the cost of this program is significant for the school and parents. Working together as a team we can watch the Lord as he accomplishes His goals for these students.

Center Discovery Program staff are trained by the National Institute for Learning Differences.

The Discovery program staff have been trained by the National Institute for Learning Differences Staff (NILD) in Norfolk, Virginia. The goal is to help children with learning difficulties who have experienced academic frustration and/or failure in the classroom setting. These children have average intelligence but are not able to learn by traditional classroom instruction due to perceptual difficulties. The Discovery students have one-on-one educational therapy sessions in their deficit areas two times a week. Each session lasts 80 minutes and is outside the classroom setting. The remainder of the student's schedule is spent in the regular classroom situation. The student receives additional homework during the therapy session, but the therapist works with the classroom teachers to adjust the daily work load. The therapist works closely with the teacher, student, and parents to create a support system for the child. The ultimate goal is to assist the student in a successful learning mode and reach his full potential in the classroom with a program that culminates between three to five years.

Tutoring Support:  Specific Skill set Intervention

Regardless of the source of funding, or which school a student is enrolled in, trained teachers will work with classroom instructors or other professionals to work on specific skill sets for students, to help them with developing the skills to succeed in school.  

One of our greatest benefits is having a program that is specifically designed for the Christian school setting. Educational therapy is hard work, yet your child's self-esteem will grow as he begins to realize the abilities that God has given think and to interact independently within the environment around him. Then, as he sees his own success and gains self-confidence, he will grow academically.

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"Then the eyes of these who see will no longer be closed, and the ears of those who hear will listen. The mind of the rash will know and understand and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear." Isaiah 32:3,4

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