Reviews of books we have in our library. Our library is open to the public and each of these books can be found and checked out online, just visit our library website for all of the details!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right? That is how Alexander feels in this whimsical book for young readers. Follow along with Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, where Alexander’s solution to his every misery is to move to Australia. After his long day, he considers that maybe bad days can even happen in Australia.


Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell

The book Island of the Blue Dolphins is based on a true story. The book is about a young girl who is stranded on a remote island for many years. Her adventure shows how this smart, innovative girl used her knowledge of the world around her to ensure her survival. Through many challenges, Karana remained purposed to not only survive on her island, but also on making a happy life for herself.


The New International Dictionary of the Bible by J.D. Douglas and Merrill C. Tenny

I am not suggesting that we start reading the dictionary, but this handy book is an excellent resource for all disciples and anyone interested in the Bible. During the Bible Festival at Champion Christian this is a greatly sought after book for basic information and detailed background. Like most dictionaries it gives definitions with pronunciations, but this also includes the verses in the Bible where this word can be found. It is especially important for word studies and in depth Biblical understanding.


Eve's Daughters

Yearning for love and dignity, four generations of women must come to grips with the choices they’ve made and those their mothers made before them. But breaking the cycle that has ensnared them over the decades will prove more difficult than they had ever imagined. Eighty-year old Emma Bauer has carefully guarded a dark secret for more than fifty years. But when she sees her granddaughter’s marriage beginning to unravel, Emma realizes that her lies about her own marriage have poisoned those she loves most. Can she help her granddaughter break free of a legacy of wrong choices?


The Guardian

Anna Riley has just stumbled across a family secret. Her ancestors have been keepers of an ancient scroll that God gave to John the Disciple. And now it is hers. But Anna will soon discover that being the keeper of the scroll comes at a price, for there are those inside the Church who would have the scroll and its secrets at any cost. Sucked into a world of corruption and deceit, Anna is thrust into a journey that leads her halfway around the world. And the only person she can trust is a stranger named Jason Lang who, she’s told, was appointed by God to help her with the task.


God Attachment by Dr. Tim Clinton and Joshua Straub

God. Whether one loves him, hates him, denies or defies him, it is hard to deny the worldwide fascination with God. This book explores why and suggests a personal response to the God Attachment in all of us. Drs. Clinton and Straub reveal fascinating research about this worldwide phenomenon. From avoidant, anxious, and fearful to secure and personal, the range of responses to our internal attachment to God has a profound influence on the way we do relationships, intimacy, and life choices.


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