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School Choice Town Hall

Our executive director, Dr. D. Merle Skinner, participated in school choice town hall on October 22, 2020. "Throughout the evening, several supporters of school choice spoke abou tthe subject to a socially distanced audience and those tuning in virtually. The consensus they all agreed upon was that parents and students should be able to take their tax dollars and apply them to whichever institution they chose, whether that be a private school, homeschooling, or a charter school. [Corey] DeAngelis [keynote speaker and director of school choice at the Reason Foundation] compared school choice to shopping at the grocery store, using the example that if a shopper isn't satisfied with their experience they can take their business elsewhere. 'In any other sector, if you're not provided service you can walk,' he said".........  

You can read the full article, written by Joshua Byers, on

Tom Smith (left), principal of Bishop McCort Catholic High School, and Merle Skinner, executive director of the Christian Family and Children’s Center, listen as Corey DeAngelis, keynote speaker and director of school choice at the Reason Foundation, shares his thoughts at the school choice town hall held at GapVax Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020.

Huawei Webinar: Remote Learning (Education at a Digital Crossroads)

Remote learning has been transforming the education landscape recently, but lack of access to technology and the internet makes the transition difficult for many Americans. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 9 million schoolchildren face difficulty in online learning, and 14% of children ages 3-18 don't have internet access.

Furthermore, a recent Microsoft study shows that 163 million people do not have high-speed internet to support conference calls or video streaming, which makes remote learning challenging. With that said, the need for connectivity has never been more urgent for supporting human development and everyday communication. 

The Center's Executive Director, Dr. D. Merle Skinner, participated in this international webinar on tech access to schools and tech integration. They discussed efforts to bridge the digital divide in the U.S. and how remote learning shapes the future of education.

The webinar can be viewed on YouTube. 

 Inside the outbreak: Teaching & feeding
Families and educators search for creative solutions during the pandemic

Brielle Landman, a 10th grader at Champion Christian School in Champion, Pa., said her ADHD makes it difficult to keep to a schedule on her own.

“I struggle a bit more being out of the classroom,” she said about the prospect of long-term online assignments. But on the “bright side,” she said she’s finding more time to practice piano, read books, and spend time with her parents.

Champion Executive Director D. Merle Skinner said faculty and technology staff are available to students “personally, online, and on-site.”

To read the full article, written by Bob Brown, visit the World website.


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School in Harrisburg, PA on September 19 for a roundtable discussion moderated by Sean McAleer of the Pennsylvania CAPE. The secretary accepted the invitation to visit from Representative Mike Turzai, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Secretary DeVos discussed her proposed Education Freedom Scholarships legislation that has been introduced in Congress, while Speaker Turzai described his legislation that would allow public school students in the Harrisburg School District, which has been placed into state receivership, to attend private schools through a scholarship.


Participating in the roundtable were two children who have benefited from Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) and their mother, as well as key legislators, Catholic school officials, and Pennsylvania State CAPE leaders Merle Skinner, Marie Conti, Arielle Franklin-Morris, and David Hegedus.


Earlier in the year, Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a dramatic expansion of the EITC, however a more modest increase in the tax credits was ultimately approved as a part of the budget process.


Champion Christian School Graduation and Activities

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Champion Christian Mentioned In

Herald Standard's Small Town Life

“I love it,” said Barb Skinner, who along with her husband,

Merle, started Champion Christian School in the 1980s...

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Private, parochial and charter schools across the state

are promoting
National School Choice more

Champion Christian Receives

Affordable Mobile Solutions

Creating a one-to-one learning environment

for the classroom is more

Champion Christian Receives

Handcrafted Preschool Equipment!

           Photo Published Somerset Daily American January 16, 2017

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Champion Christian Wins Grant for a Mobile Ag Lab Visit!

The Center is celebrating over 30 years in ministry!


Champion Christian School continues to GROW

January, 2014


March, 2013

November, 2012

The Center is recognized as an Internet All-Star by the PA Public Utility Commission

November, 2011

Our Executive Director (Mr. Merle Skinner) with Senator Piccola (the author or SB1)


November, 2011

Champion Christian School attends SB1 Rally in Harrisburg

The link below is a clip of the Governor speaking at the Rally. You can see some of the CCS students (in red t-shirts) listening behind him!!

Our Executive Director got the chance to talk about area Christian Schools on Conerstone TV!

Dr. Merle Skinner on Focus 4



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