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Wednesday, May 13th COVID-19 Update:
The Center has been open as an essential site since the March closures operating on a reduced onsite staff, and the remainder working online. We have been postponing large group activities. Since Southwestern PA has been designated as an area able to move into open status we are moving forward cautiously toward returning to a fully open status over time. See the CCS Update Below:

Champion Christian School No Onsite Classes until Next School Year. All classes online. Opening for Summer School and regular classes in the Fall.
Champion Christian School Parents,
As most of you know from the Governor's press releases, we, and all of the schools in the Commonwealth of PA, have been directed to close physical classes for the end of the year. We want to do everything we can at the Center to follow the national treatment plan dealing with this difficult thing affecting the world. We are now preparing to reopen over time. Child Care first, Tutoring, Music Classes, small group activities then larger group activities.
As an organization, we also want to prepare and adjust to any unintended consequences of the closure of on-site classes. We ask for your understanding as we make adjustments to help your students, your families, and our community manage this crisis. Please pray for us as we make complicated and sometimes difficult decisions. We also want to ask for your help to know how to reach our communities.
We would also ask you to join the rest of America in praying for the world as it relates to this virus. God is indeed in control, and we are asking for His intervention in this pandemic.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that we are suspending K-12 ON-SITE classes. We are continuing our online classes for older students, and education packets for younger students. We will have faculty available online and on site to help make sure that education can continue their education. We are very thankful to have iChampion, which is such a robust system in place, and for the tremendous amount of training and usage our faculty have been doing to implement this system over the last seven years. We feel like we have what we need in place to deliver solid educational programming through our iChampion portal. We will use this time without students on campus to continue expanding and building the current classes to deliver off site programming and content for the remainder of this year, and to continue to prepare for next year and beyond. Additionally, we can use this time to build additional tools that we can use to make the blended activities more robust!

Because of the guidance from the Governor, DHS, and our national networks, we are opening these programs for the end of the year and into the summer. Our plans are to open our Early Education Extended Care Systems to serve the needs of our community.

Of course, we don't know what this will look like but we are going to keep a very close watch on what happens both locally in our tri-county area, the nation, and the world to see how we can contribute to active solutions. We are expanding our services carefully and preparing agile strategies to be able to work to keep people safe while serving them.
Obviously, this is a fast changing situation. We stand ready to adjust, adapt, and learn together how to minimize the negative consequences of these decisions. Please feel free to contact any of us about how to best do that. Also remember that we have an awesome leadership team in place that is working every day to make this a place that can accomplish our mission by growing and adapting to change.
1. CCS faculty and staff are on site and available at North Campus via phone, email, and iChampion messaging.
2. We have been using this time to build additional skills in our staff, and fast forward growth in this area as much as possible to respond to this plan.
3. The CCS technology team, including Dr. Skinner, Ryan Schwartz-technology staff, and Danah Skinner-faculty tech manager, will be available for help if you need it personally, online, or on site at the Center.
4. CCS administrative team and support staff are alert for how we can help.
5. The Center is open to visitors, although we ask that you stay home if you are sick or contagious. Otherwise, please come as you need.
6. We are cancelling our large group activities until the social distancing orders are lessened. We are going to continue having parent meetings, student tutoring, lessons (Please contact Jen if you want to schedule those), and other individual and smaller group activities as long as participants are not ill or connected with risky contact. We are trusting you, our community, to help with that process.

The Center's Administrative Team
Board of Directors, Christian Family & Children's Center

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