The Present Darkness by Frank Peretti

  • Posted on: 21 October 2020
  • By: admin

One could summarize the theme of these books simply: “The Power of
> Prayer.” In classic Peretti fashion, he paints a vivid and terrifying
> supernatural world atop a quiet, American-generic, small-town scene.
> The imagery of good vs. evil and the tangible effects that prayer can
> have on real life have stuck with me for nearly two decades now, and
> it’s not surprising. If these books aren’t yet considered classics of
> the Christian Fiction genre, they absolutely should be. I’m glad to
> have at least a small hand in helping revive their popularity.In the
> small town of Ashton, everyone appears to be going about their
> business in the normal, American way: the businessmen cheat, the
> politicians squabble, the reporters write, the newcomers creep
> everyone out, and the Pastor prays. But as Peretti peels back the thin
> layer that separates the material world from spiritual, we see that
> the two are actually entirely intertwined. Evil is not some unreal
> figment of the holy roller’s imagination: it’s a pervasive darkness
> that lies within the shadows of us all. It’s real and tangible and its
> supported and sustained by the evil forces described in Ephesians
> 6:12.Evil is not the only spiritual reality present in Ashton,
> however, for while the unbelievers and newcomers carry with them their
> own demonic influences, so also the Man of Prayer has his protectors.
> Angels with swords drawn and eyes fleeting surround this man of God as
> he seeks to protect the town and his loved ones through the power of
> his prayers. It is through these prayers that Peretti clues us in to
> the possible ripple effect our conversations with God might have. At
> the man’s request, God commands His messengers and creates roadblocks
> for the demons. By his prayers alone, this man is able to move
> spiritual mountains, for the God to Whom he is speaking is actually
> listening.
> Peretti introduces us to the “Universal Consciousness Society,” his
> fictitious group of Instructors who believe in and utilize the “Global
> Mind.” This of course is nothing more than a New Age front for demonic
> powers and possession, against which only the spiritually armored
> believer can fight as he is “praying always.”