Library Checkout Procedure

1. If you have never checked out library books here, you will need to become a library patron before you can check out a book. To become a patron, please fill out our New Patron form. Be sure to make a note of your Patron ID#; you will need this number to request a book for checkout!

If you are already a library patron but can't remember your Patron ID#, you can retrieve it here.

2. Browse the Center's resources online: Search Catalog

3. When you find a resource that you are interested in please note which campus it is located at NC (North Campus) or SC (South Campus) and the book reference number, and then fill out our book request form.

** Students & staff members: Your student # and employee # will NOT work here; you MUST use your library patron ID. If you are unsure how to find that number please talk to a teacher or someone in the office.

4. Pick up your book(s) and enjoy!!

Thank you for using the Center's Libraries. Please let us know how they can be improved! We are always looking for Christian book donations as well as volunteers who can help keep our libraries functioning!

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