Meet Miss Danah Skinner, Head Teacher

Elementary Teacher

Philosophy of Christian Education:

I always wanted to be a teacher. In school, I was always playing with the younger kids and/or helping them with their homework. However, I wasn't the best in my own classes. I often struggled with memorizing and completing tasks. After some testing, we figured out that I had a processing disability. School became so much easier once I learned some great tools about how my brain worked. I also had a teacher who was great at explaining things. I began really be able to succeed as well as enjoy school more.

I believe that Christian education should be integrated into all subjects. It is a privilege to be able to see my students grow in their walks with God and to be able to encourage them along the way. I am so grateful that God placed me here and I am about to serve Him by helping students learn.


Head Teacher (2020-Current)

PA Cape's Primary Educator of the Year (2017-2018)

Champion Christian School Teacher (2011-Current)

Champion Christian School Substitute (2010-2011)


Malone University (Canton OH) 2006-2010


BS Early Education

ACSI Standard Certification

My Resume