Meet Mrs. Rachel L. Brant, Kindergarten Teacher

As an alumni of Champion Christian School, I have lived and understand the value of Christian education. After graduating from CCS, I obtained my B.S. in Elementary (PreK-4th) /Special (PreK-8th) Education from Grove City College and my Pennsylvania Instructional I. Since college, I have taught preschool, PreK, and I even worked as a youth programming specialist for my local library. Through my varied experiences I am thankful that the Lord brought me back to Champion.

I currently live in New Stanton, PA with my husband, Neil and our cat, Stella. We love spending time outdoors! We specifically enjoy hiking, fishing, kayaking, hunting, and skiing. Since moving from the Robinson area, we have begun attending New Stanton Alliance Church! At our previous church, my husband and I were both active Deacons, and we hope to continue helping at our new home church.

Returning to Champion, has brought my education and faith journeys full circle. I am thrilled for the opportunity to teach and work for an organization that loves the Lord and chooses to put people first. I look forward to connecting with you, and can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us at CCS!

P.S. You’re not crazy, there are two Rachel Brants that work for Champion Christian School. The other lovely lady is my mother-in-law. What a small world!

Blessings Always!

-Mrs. B

Neil and I

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