Infant and Toddler

We're glad you stopped by today to learn about our childcare program and specifically our Child Care Program for Infants and Toddlers! Our childcare program is designed to provide a Christian atmosphere where children from Birth to 3rd grade can grow in all areas of development: intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.

We know how important it is to think about finding a very special place and people to care for you baby or toddler. This is such an important time in their development and in yours as a parent! We feel like we have that kind of special place. Our teachers and staff are very special people. They are people that feel called to provide support to your family and others as you work on this very difficult job of raising your sons and daughters. They have chosen to work at the Center because of the kind of professional programs we provide to families. We have chosen them because they are loving, living out their faith, are trained in the principles of child development, and love children!

We have also worked to provide a program that is licensed and a part of our Accredited Early Education Programs at Champion Christian School. Infants and Toddlers need a program that is designed and suited for them, and we have worked hard to provide that program, equipment, and staff to make that happen for your child. We hope you will find out more by contacting us to set up a visit and tour!

Right now our Extended Care Program is available at our Donegal and Indian Head Campuses.

Our Early Education Programs:
Maintain a focus on a Christian and Biblical worldview. God is an active and important part of our world and experiences. Biblical truth is integrated into each aspect of our day as we discover God's plan for our lives. In our programs we focus on the Lord each day by praying, reading Bible stories and singing songs!

Are Licensed and/or Accredited

We have new extended hours with before and afterschool care.

Please call 724-455-2122 or 724-593-9200 or e-mail today to meet the teachers, see the classrooms, and get on board with a distinctly Christian, developmental childcare program!