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Most of you know that the Center has multiple programs for families and children. Did you know that one of those programs is a library open to the community? Since its inception, the Center has placed a value on high quality literature, and particularly reading material that integrates Christian and family friendly principles into its content. Most people don't know that community members use the library, and that it is actually to use and is the size of a small municipal library. Compared with other local public libraries, the Center's library is about 70% the size of Connellsville's, one third the size of Somerset's, and about half the size of Scottdale's. You can find out more about what is in our library at and by using the search feature. Here's a list of the great information you will find in this newsletter:

       Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kinds of books are in the Center's library?
    • Christian personal growth and self-help books
    • Christian fiction
    • children's books
    • Christian world view resources including creation science materials
    • Christian biography and autobiography

  2. What is the focus of the library?
    Our goal is to have high quality materials available to the community that are family friendly and value based.

  3. Why don't you have materials that oppose those values?
    With a post Christian culture growing around us, it is not difficult for anyone to have access to materials that do not have a focus on values that honor Christ. Our goal is to have materials that do that, are high quality, diverse, and promote great literature.

  4. Don't you have non-Christian books in your library?
    Our books are not identified as Christian and are very diverse, but the collection attempts to honor the values identified above. Many traditional and new favorites are there for your choosing.
Come and find out more either virtually or in person. We are open most days (check out the Center calendar for our holidays), and of course our online card catalog is available anytime! We would love to hear your thoughts and how you think we can become a more important part of the community. Email us at and put library in the subject area.

       Children's Summer Readers Program begins Friday at North Campus!

We're so very excited to be offering a summer library program in June, July, and August for young readers and their families! We're even more excited to have you come explore our library, check out some books, and enjoy a summer of reading S U P E R literature!

This year, our summer library program will be offered on seven different Fridays (June 22, June 29, July 20, July 27, August 3, August 10, and August 17) and is designed for children ages 2 through fourth grade. We ask parents/caregivers of toddlers to remain present during the program to help with their child's needs throughout our time together.

The program will include a read aloud story, extension activity (mostly art projects), and time to explore the library and select books to check out for that week. Program time is 11:00am - 11:45am at our North Campus Library in Donegal. Free lunch for those under 18 will be available in our multi-purpose room at the close of our program through our federal hot lunch program. Adult lunches have a small cost. There is NO cost to attend our library program. For more information about our program or to register, please use the links below. Sign-up sheets can be dropped off at our office or call 724-593-9200.

Library Program Information
Library Program Sign-Up Sheet

       How To Use the Center's Library Database & Check Out Books

Want to find just the book you are looking for? What about books on a certain subject? Or maybe you want to browse our whole library collection from A to Z! You can do all of those things by using our library database! The database can be accessed by visiting our library page ( and clicking on "Search Our Library for a Specific Book or Author Now!" You can also choose to just browse our entire library by clicking on "Browse the Entire Library from A to Z!"

In the library database, you can find the books that you want using different criteria. You can search books by title, author, location (SC or NC), reading level, accelerated reader or book adventure, subject or by classification. If you need help deciding which to search by, just hover your mouse over the question marks next to each field for more information on how to use that search field.

So you've found the book you want, but now what?

Just follow the checkout procedure directions on the website! You will need to become a library patron (if you are not already a patron) and then request to pick up your book at either campus. Once the book is ready for you to pick up, we will call you to let you know.

It's that easy! If you need help, send us an email at and put library in the subject line, or call our North Campus at 724-593-9200.

       Find Out More About Some of the Books We Have!

Historical Fiction
Are you looking for a good read and a painless way to learn about history? From the tzars and the rise of communism in Russia, to the founding of our country, the Center library has many historical fiction series available to check out! Christian historical fiction weaves real characters from history into the fictional story and setting. So as you read you are actually learning history! Interested in England's royal family? We have a series of books on that. Can't remember the difference between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War? We have a series on that, too. There is no need to wait for the next book to come out, just borrow the whole series and binge read to your heart's content! Summer is a great time to read during vacations, car trips, or sitting out in the sun. Put your phone down and pick up a good book! You can search the database online or come and look and see what looks good to you on the shelves.

Some favorites are: Gilbert Morris on English and USA, Michael Phillips/Judith Pella on Russia, Tracie Peterson on Alaska, and Bodie Thoene (pronounced Taynee) on World War II and the founding of the nation of Israel. Enjoy!

The Champion Christian School North Campus library has an extensive collection of biographies and autobiographies. The collection includes books about historical figures such as Ben Franklin, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt and several of the U.S. presidents. There are also a variety of books about people such as John Wayne, Tim Tebow, and Princess Grace of Monaco. In addition, there is a vast collection of books about heroes of the Christian faith such as Corey ten Boom, Amy Carmichael, George Muller, Martin Luther and Billy Graham. Come enjoy a great biography, with an excellent story about real people and real adventures.

       Book Review!

Check out this book review written by one of our staff members!

At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon
The Mitford series is a wonderful group of books about a small town in North Carolina and its local Episcopalian priest. In At Home in Mitford, the first book of the series, Father Tim meets new friends, interacts with old friends and has many adventures. Some of the adventures include a very large dog, a young boy, a jewel thief, and a lovely new neighbor. In addition, through the daily life and great adventures is Father Tim's trust in God and his desire to serve Him. I highly recommend this book and all that follow in the series. The Champion Christian NC library has several of the Mitford series and also has At Home in Mitford as an audio book from Focus on the Family.

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