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The remarkable development of a pre-born baby only 6 weeks after conception.                                   



If you think you may be pregnant,

your first reaction might be, "NO! It can't be!"  You may feel sick and very afraid.



  Some symptoms of pregnancy can be missed period, nausea, dizziness or a lightheaded feeling, weight gain or loss,  tender and/or swollen breasts, appetite changes, fatigue, frequent urination.    Each woman will experience symptoms differently, and at different times.   

If you are experiencing  any of these symptoms, you should have a pregnancy test to determine  if  you are pregnant.   Over the counter urine pregnancy tests detect a hormone called HCG   produced by the developing pregnancy in the woman's body. Most tests will be accurate 7 to 10 days after conception.

If you are experiencing pain or abnormal  bleeding, please contact a doctor as soon as possible.

see an online pregnancy test at

Local Pregnancy Centers usually offer free or very low cost testing and personal help dealing with a unplanned pregnancy. You can find a local Pregnancy center in your area at :

Telephone Hot lines: Call any of the following toll-free hotlines to be connected to a phone counselor:

If you need more information, please e-mail our  volunteer counselors at

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