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Men and women who find   themselves in an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy situation usually are very scared and don't know what to do.

First, it is very important to determine if you really are pregnant.  Take a home test, visit a local pregnancy center, or contact your doctor. Most pregnancy testing will be accurate 7 to 10 days  after conception.

You should talk with someone you trust, such as  a family member, clergy member, or  friend about your   situation.

Consider your options and think through the consequences  of each option.

There are three options:

*Making a plan for adoption

*Ending the pregnancy through abortion


Remember, crisis situations are temporary, you will get through this one day at  a time. We encourage men and women to consider the long term plan, and to get help to support your though those decisions.  Abortion seems like a quick fix, but it is not.  There are no quick fixes.  But there are long term decisions and help available to make decisions that will allow you to make good decisions for you and your baby.