Financial Aid Q and A....Did you know????

Did you know that we are now accepting financial aid applications for the school year? Financial aid is available for those who qualify, but it is up to you to apply. You could be eligible for significant help with financial aid if your family meets certain income guidelines. Contact North Campus (724-593-9200 or for more information and details.

Fact: If you received any financial aid last year, this year's tuition increase will affect you proportionally assuming that your financial situation has not changed.

Fact: You must have a completed Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) application in order to apply for Financial Aid. That includes the registration fee of which is due by April 30th for current students to receive the discount. 

Fact: After you register for next year and apply for financial aid, you will receive a financial award letter from the Financial Aid office within a month. If you find that the Financial Aid package offered does not meet your needs, please speak with the Financial Aid Director for additional financial aid options. 

Fact: Did you know that over 50% of our parent population are eligible for free and reduced federal lunches?

Fact: Did you know that we give over $300,000 worth of financial aid away each year?

Fact: Did you know that we receive gifts towards scholarships from the EITC Program which is a tax credit program available through the state for corporations? Those funds will go to help fund the financial aid that is offered this year and help in a real way! You can find out more about that program at

Fact: Did you know that the Board approved offering financial aid to people in the work program? Some parents are finding that it is both helpful financially and in terms of building character, to ask their High School Students to be a part of the Work program at the Center to help fund their own tuition. It has been a valuable addition to help cover the rising costs of high quality education. We have found that it is often a very good life experience for students to help to pay for their education. This is something that most students will need to do to help pay their way through college, so why not begin now? It really does help build character and investment on the student's part for their education. However, it is important to know that the Work Program is a real job, not something people can do only when they want.  It is a scheduled program that we depend upon and people have to be responsible with to be on.

Reminder: New families should remember to get your application in to the office along with your registration fee. Once you pay the fee, you may complete your iChampion Parent Introduction to iChampion courses and submit your application for financial aid through Simple Tuition Solutions (STS).  Then your financial aid award letter will be uploaded to your account. It can take a couple of weeks for you to receive your financial aid award letter after you apply.

Reminder: You can find articles that focus on the issues involved for Parents in making a decision about Christian Education on the web at .  


Reminder: It is important to remember that even if you pay full tuition for your child, you are being subsidized for capital (building) costs, sports, and many other extra things that are provided for at CCS. That is why we need every family to help support our development efforts at the Center. You can find out more about how to support the Center at

Fact: Have you considered that what you do to help replicate the financial aid needs at the Center is a way of helping assure that CCS can remain a Christ-centered institution of educational excellence that provides a Christian education to everyone? Isn't that a great way to think about giving back?