Tuition At Champion Christian School

From the Executive Director:

    For some people, the idea of paying tuition for an education is a difficult thing. This is especially true for those in our area who are used to thinking about a public school system being free and a private school being a very expensive luxury for the wealthy only. The Center Board of Directors are committed to the idea that a Christian Education is for everyone! However, there are realities that have to be dealt with such as paying teachers, staff, and the other costs of operating a school.

    As well as being committed to a goal of providing a Christian Education to everyone, we are also committed to providing a sound financial ministry that will be here for future generations. This has to be based on equal sacrifice by all. This three legged stool upon which this whole assumption is based on the following three components:  a.) Sacrifice by parents to pay tuition that is based upon their ability to pay;  b.) Staff members who are willing to work at a reduced market price to see this reality fulfilled in our community and; c.) A community (in the context of God's provision) to help with the difference. An imbalance in any of these three areas will cause significant dysfunction. It is the Board of Director's job to see that this stool stays balanced. For parents, this means that we expect everyone to help raise the needed financial aid that makes CCS a balanced socio-economic school. Parents cannot assume that they have a right to financial aid. In fact, they have a responsibility to make sure that the financial aid that they receive is used effectively by their family and to help make sure that it is not just consumed but replicated by their best faith efforts to contribute. Even those who pay the full cost of tuition only are covering basic operational costs.  They are still benefiting from capital projects and materials that have been provided by others. Our tuition is estimated to be twice what it really is to carry the full costs of education at CCS. Compare our current tuition with what is funded per child at the public level and other private independent schools.

    This is a challenging, but worthwhile effort, especially when parents realize that they are in school buildings and using Center resources that were contributed by others. May we all be excited when the future generations are benefiting from what we have created by using our God given talents and abilities for His work here.

What is Cost-Based Tuition?

          Champion Christian School has moved to a system of determining tuition called "Cost-Based Tuition." It is relatively new in the Christian school movement at the elementary and high school level, but has been around for a long time in private education and in Christian higher education. Historically, Christian schools have kept tuition prices very low in order to make it affordable for everyone, but unfortunately in that process have severely limited themselves by way of staff recruitment (due to salaries), facilities, and more. This process also insured a lack of long-term financial stability in these organizations who, in order to meet growing general operating budgets, become dependent upon fund-raising to supplement the price of education, rather than using fund-raising for special events and projects. Champion, like many schools, has operated under this model in the past and continues to struggle with the ability to pay its staff appropriate salaries, keep up facilities, and provide quality education without frustrating a limited budget.

          The Board of Directors decided to determine what it actually costs to educate each child at Champion Christian School based on current and future goals. We work to make tuition reflect that price. The tuition rates that you see reflect that intent.  In reality it only at best reflects operating costs, not capital or other expenses. Of course those numbers are a significant part of any family budget regardless of their ability to pay. However, it is important to note that they are approximately one half to one third of what it costs to educate a child in the public sector. Our goal in charging what it actually costs is to ask families that are able to afford the full tuition to pay it, knowing that they are providing a quality education for their child and carrying the entire cost. Nevertheless, it is important to know that we understand, and especially so in our area, that everyone cannot afford to pay this cost.

          The second component of cost-based tuition is a strong, fully-funded financial aid program which we have implemented at Champion Christian. Our goal is that everyone who desires a Christian education for their child at CCS, and is willing to make a manageable financial sacrifice can be here. We assure you, as a parent, that there will be enough financial aid provided for anyone who cannot afford the full tuition costs at Champion, but we need your help to make that happen. We encourage you to please apply for financial aid and we will work with you to find the funding that you need. This process will be confidential and will be handled with integrity. The school and family will work together to compile financial packages that meet the real needs of the school while affordable for your family.  Because of this, families who receive financial aid are required to attend at least one workday project, attend a financial aid information meeting, and to participate significantly in fundraisers.

Financial Aid At Champion Christian School

          Financial Aid at Champion is based on our commitment to ensure that everyone who needs financial aid can obtain it. This means that our decisions about financial aid will be based on family need, not available financial aid. However, it is important to understand that for this program to work in the future, CCS and the families who receive financial aid, as well as everyone in the Christian community, need to work towards finding ways to fund the financial aid program. This has been very promising at CCS, and has been done in several ways including the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (which offers businesses a tax credit), general giving from foundations and individuals, and fund-raisers that are designed specifically to help provide revenue for this program.

The Work Program:

    No matter what your financial aid status is at CCS, you may choose to participate in the Work Program at the school.  This program offers minimum wage, paid positions in the Center's maintenance department which can be put toward their tuition bill. 

    The work program is made up of jobs designed to care for the maintenance of our facility, cleaning, construction repair, and the upkeep of our facility. Many parents have already participated in this program to help with the cost of tuition. More information about the Work Program can be obtained from the Office as to what jobs are available and how many hours it will take to fulfill your commitment.