Financial Aid at Champion Christian School & Preschool

            We understand that financial aid can be a complicated process at Champion Christian. Please take time to find out lots of information before you make decisions about how much you can receive. Our Financial Aid Department and Support Staff are available to answer questions about how the process works, and how to make sure that you receive all that is available in order to help you be a part of Champion! We strongly encourage everyone who feels they need help to finance their education at CCS to contact the department. We only ask that families bear in mind the amount of the CCS education costs and that they can reasonably afford!

          Please check out the following links to find out more, or contact us at or by phone at 724-593-9200 or 724-455-2122.



Overview of the Financial Aid Process

1. Complete regular application for admission and pay your registration fee (Registration fees paid and an application completed are required to apply for financial aid).

2. Talk with the Financial Aid Director about the overview of the financial aid options.  Essentially there are four overall categories for tuition assistance at CCS:
     a.  Paying full tuition.  For families who can afford full tuition, we need you to pay the full cost.  The actual price of tuition is what it costs per student just to cover basic operations.  For the financial health of the Center we need to raise funds for every dollar of financial aid distributed.
     b.  If you meet the free and reduced lunch guidelines, you are eligible for the maximum amount of aid that is available.  You must apply to for a financial aid determination.
     c.  If you are unable to pay the full tuition, but make above the free and reduced financial aid guidelines, you may still qualify for EITC funding. You must apply to for a financial aid eligibility determination.  Once they submit the results to us, we will notify you the amount of financial aid awarded through your iChampion account.
     d.  If the above eligibility guidelines still provide an amount of tuition that you cannot afford, then you may request that the Board review your case for a special exemption.  To do this, you must complete a Simple Tuition Solutions financial aid application, and submit a detailed financial analysis as well as explain in detail why you need additional help.  These requests are given careful attention to make sure that people are paying the appropriate amount of tuition in fairness to everyone.

3.  Once you have applied for admission to CCS and paid your registration fees you will be given an iChampion account which will allow you to complete the Parent Introduction to iChampion.  iChampion is our online blended learning and web based parent portal.  It is located on the web at  Once your account is active you can log in by using your firstname_lastname as a username and the password which was assigned to you by the Center support staff.  You will be required to change your password to one uniquely known to you after you log in.  

Once on iChampion, all families must first complete the Parent Introduction to iChampion Class,  which will require you to agree to electronic signatures and provide you information about how the system works.  After completing the Parent Introduction to iChampion Course, you can go to the Financial Aid Class.  That class has the appropriate directions for you to complete the Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) Financial Aid Application.


For Preschool-12th Families:

Go to the Financial Aid Class on iChampion.  Read the instructions and click the link to setup your account and begin your Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) financial aid application.  
        a. If you are under hot lunch guidelines this will complete your financial aid application process, and you can wait for your application to be reviewed under this section.  
        b. If your income is over the federal hot lunch guidelines, click on the Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) Link on iChampion and complete and submit a STS Eligibility application (  
The Champion Christian School code is 24110.   Please remember to submit your proof of income to STS.  Keep in mind that depending on the volume of applications STS receives, it can take a couple of weeks to process your application.  The closer it is to the start of school the longer it takes.  Regardless of how you apply, we will try to facilitate the process as quickly as possible.  Look for a response to your financial aid application within 2 weeks if applying through STS.

 All new student applications are to be given to Champion Christian School office with your registration fee.

Once a decision has been made by our financial aid department or through Simple Tuition Solutions (STS), you will be notified by email and on iChampion that your financial aid award letter has been provided to you.

You will be required to accept or reject your financial aid award letter within two weeks of receiving it.  

Need Help?
As always, if you have any questions please contact us at 724-593-9200 or

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