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The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is an organization at the Center comprised of all parents, faculty and staff in Champion Christian School, childcare, and the Centers Preschool program.

The purpose of the PTF is to facilitate increasing opportunities for communication among the parent body of the school and between the parent body and the faculty. These purposes will allow increased social, spiritual, and educational activities among the parents to take place, thereby strengthening the individuals involved as well as the group of parents as a whole.

Here at the Center we value the input of our parents very much. We encourage networking and relationship building among parents as well as with the faculty and staff. One way we promote this idea is by planning group events. Those events include, but are not limited to the Homecoming Bonfire and Picnic, Family Fun Nights like Christian movies and Open Mic Nights, Christmas Caroling, Snow Tubing, Ice and Roller Skating, and Pirate Games.  


Description of Annual Events


Annual Activities (see Center calendar for specific dates www.champion.org/calendar)  

September : Homecoming Picnic and Bonfire

October : Bus Driver Appreciation Days

December : Christmas caroling

May: Fine Arts Festival

May : Faculty and Staff Appreciation Days

All Year : Sports Games


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