Why Should YOU Attend CCS?

- We are a small inter-denominational Christian school with about 110-130 students
- Our average class size is 10-15 students
- We accept middle school and high school students. We can accept up to 8-12 students each year.
- Students have attended CCS from all over the world.
- We have a complete ESL and TOEFL program (with TOEFL scores that average between 85 and 100 depending on number of years at school)
- CCS International students usually score higher than average on the SAT
- 95% of our High School graduates enroll in college
- Extra Curricular activities include soccer, basketball, choir, student council, worship team, honor society, and others
- Note: International students who apply for admission and are enrolled, must attend a full year (two semesters) or forfeit an additional $1000 fee for attending only one semester
For more information on CCS and why it could be a good fit for you, visit our Why CCS? page!

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