The Christian Family & Children's Center

Continuing Education Series (CEU)


This program is a program designed to enable  adults to continue their ongoing Professional and Biblically based Theological training in a practical and focused way.  These classes are designed to be stimulating academically.  They are to challenge our thinking and understanding Biblical principles so that we are better prepared to integrate them into our daily lives and culture.  CEU Credits are issued through the Association of Christian Schools International (and other ceu issuing institutions).  Come prepared to be challenged to learn and think about Biblical truths and Professional Christian issues and understandings in a new way! 


Current Schedule of Events


Current CEU's NOW being offered:

      * Please continue checking this website for upcoming events!


Some previous CEU's Offered at the Center: 

      * Is Jesus the Only Way?-A Contemporary Question

      * Discovering your motivational patterns in leadership

      * World Religions from a Biblical Perspective

      * Apologetics

      * Christology-The Study of Christ

      * Overview of the New Testament

      * Overview of the Old Testament

      * DISC Walk Thru the Bible's Solving the People Puzzle 

      * Creation Science

      * Governance

      * Biblical Perspectives on World Religions - ONLINE COURSE





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