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Announcing the Christian Family & Children's Center Scrip Program

At the Champion Christian School Parent Advisory Committee's request, the Center has enrolled in a scrip program that will not only help the Center, but can help families to pay for their tuition. Fifty percent of the profits from your participation in the program can be applied directly to your child's tuition account. You can also encourage your friends and family to participate in this program to help pay your tuition and the Center. The great thing about this program is that you will be buying electronic gift cards/certificates at or below face value for stores where you already shop with money you would already be spending. With Scripnow!, the MyScripWallet App ( and eGift Card purchases you will not need to wait for the cards to be delivered. The retailers then kick back a percentage of that revenue to the Center in the form of a rebate. Of course we are looking for as many supporters as might be interested in participating in this program.  

What is Scrip?

* Scrip is a term that means "substitute money".

* The program provides an opportunity for local and national retailers to support nonprofit organizations by giving rebates to the organizations for each gift certificate purchased through the program. This benefits the stores, and it helps non-profits like the Center as well.  The list of participating retailers grows every month. You can view a current list on the scrip website.

*  You can find out more about the Center by visiting the Center's website at .  You can find out more about the scrip program by going to Great Lakes' Scrip site at .

How it works:

* Supporters like you will purchase negotiable gift cards/certificates online or through the App.

Sign up online:

* Families will  go online at to create an account (use enrollment code 5414B54D237L8 ) See the step by step instructions when you click on the "Join a Program" tab. After you have created your account you may go to to download the Scrip App to your phone. You can then make instant gift card purchases anywhere you are right from your phone. 

* There is a box in the account set up window where you can enter the name of your child you would like to support. Any friends or family may participate and help you raise tuition dollars for your child. 

* You will need to set up a direct withdraw from your checking account online through PrestoPay that will allow you to place your order and pay online. This program is secure and works like a PayPal account. 


















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