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To: Kentucky House Republican Caucus
From: ACSIKY (Association of Christian Schools International - KY)
Re: Passing the Kentucky Scholarship Tax Credit Bill this Session

As a part of the largest Protestant school association (ACSI) in the world and representing the leadership of the Christian school community in Kentucky (ACSIKY), we are writing to urge you to put House Bill 350 on the floor for a vote. Our group represents nearly 250 schools, heads of schools, and leadership in the wider Christian school movement in Kentucky. We are keenly aware that our communities are watching and counting on you to do the right thing for our state. After years of advocacy, failure to even give this bill a vote is unacceptable. Thousands of Kentuckians have contacted their legislators and hundreds have visited the Capital this session. It is time for the Republican caucus to bring this issue to a vote and pass this law for the benefit of the children of the state of Kentucky.

As you are well aware, the following facts support the positive aspects of this legislation to help move Kentucky forward in meeting the common goals that we all have to improve education overall in our state.

  1. The majority of Kentuckians support this legislation.

  2. Tax credits incentivize the community to invest in education and build community partnerships in ways that are meaningful to students and families.

  3. In virtually all studies, increasing school choice improves not only private educational choice, but public schools as well.

  4. Most importantly, tax credits are a practical way to help students and families make the choices that are right for their family and empower everyone to work to achieve a better education.

  5. The amount of funding committed to this program is insignificant in comparison to the funds committed to public education, and yet provides tremendous potential to your constituents. This is practically a leverageable investment for each of your communities around the state.
Our team of schools and leaders are more than willing to stand with you as you make the right choice for our state. Our communities are watching and praying for you as you deliberate and work through the various components of this session. We urge you to give us a chance to provide more and varied educational opportunities to your constituents as we join hands with you in this venture to improve our beloved Kentucky. We believe that you have a unique leadership opportunity to stand as a part of our state's history. You can be remembered as heroes of this generation of children wanting and hoping for more! Do NOT let this incredible opportunity pass under your mantle of leadership!


ACSIKY Leaders

ACSIKY Leaders

Carrie Beth Tigges       Moe Lundrigan
Frankfort Christian Academy       Christian Academy of Louisville
John Hale       Jim Ward
Somerset Christian       Danville Christian Academy
Jodell Seay       Lisa Bacon
Portland Christian       Lexington Christian Academy
Joyce Ostrander       James Elliott
The Family Foundation       ACSI - Director Children's Education Fund 
Dr. Jeff Matner       Philip Scott, Esquire
ACSI - Mid-America Regional Director       ACSI - In-House Counsel 
George Tryfiates       Thomas J. Cathey, Ed.D.
ACSI - Director of Government Affairs       ACSI - Director for Legal/Legislative Issues 
Dr. D Merle Skinner        
Christian Family & Children's Center