Mission to Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada - 2019

     Thank you so much for your prayers and support during our recent mission trip to Owen Sound, Ontario. Our team of 14 students and 4 adults really enjoyed our time in Canada. As one student wrote, "The 2019 Canada mission trip was one of the greatest experiences I've had this year. From viewing the Canadian landscape, Niagara Falls and Lake Huron to staying at the Word of Life Bible Institute, we met some amazing people and created some monumental memories. We also got to accomplish a lot of work in the process. I was definitely blessed to have this opportunity."

     The first day of our trip was spent traveling north and stopping to see the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. We were all grateful to cross the border without incident and see the view. As one student put it, "The falls were very beautiful even though it was cold. We got to see a rainbow for a few minutes when the sun was out." We also enjoyed seeing views of Lakes Ontario and Huron and the passing landscape on our way North.

     While in Ontario, our team stayed and worked on the campus of the Word of Life Bible Institute. Word of Life trains students in Bible and ministry during the school year who then work with youth in Bible camps during the summer. On Tuesday and Thursday during our time there, we divided into small groups to work on different projects. One group cleaned and organized in the kitchen, dining room and storage areas. Additionally, other team members cleaned a house before the arrival of a new dean, sanded and painted doors, put together picnic tables and stacked firewood.

     Several of the guys really enjoyed their project in one of the dorms. One student said, "I had a blast working at Word of Life. I had a job where I could destroy things as we removed trim and door ways." They prepared the dorm hallways so new drywall could be installed.

     Overall everyone worked very hard and enjoyed themselves at WOLBI. As one student reported, "The food was absolutely amazing and the cabins were comfortable. All in all, I grew closer to my friends, made some new ones and learned a lot along the way. I'm so glad that I went on this trip.

     "On Wednesday we went to Timothy Christian School. We did a chapel for them and went to their classrooms to pray with them. After hanging out with the kids, we got split up to do work." While there we painted a stairwell in their school colors and did other cleaning and painting jobs. Another student reports, "The most fun part of this trip was working with the kids at TCS. The kids were really respectful, and it was a cool experience for me." We had a wonderful time being in school in another country and sharing with our brothers and sisters there. Every evening we met for devotions, prayer and debriefing. One of the best parts of this experience was giving everyone a chance to lead devotions and hearing what people had learned through their time in Canada. A trip like this is a great time to get away from the normal routine and be able to learn from the Lord. One student said, "You could just tell that the whole staff (of the WOLBI) was full of righteous believers. I'm glad I went and got closer to God."

     On Friday we said good-bye to our good friends at the Word of Life Bible Institute and started on our way back to the U.S. We added to our Canadian experience by stopping for coffee, tea and doughnuts at Tim Hortons, and then at a park on the Georgian Bay, the northeastern part of Lake Huron. It was a beautiful spot to take photos, even on a cold and windy day. Most of us were rather sad to leave Canada behind. One student wrote, "Going to Canada was an amazing opportunity and I was so blessed to have the chance to do it. I enjoyed this trip thoroughly and already want to go back."

     Thank you again to all who helped to send us on our mission trip this year. These trips are an important part of the school experience for our students and staff. Our alumni also report that these trips are some of their most important memories from school. We really appreciate that you were a part of the trip this year. May God bless you richly.

The Champion Christian School Mission Team 2019

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