The Indian Creek Valley Christian Family & Children's Center is a nonprofit nondenominational Christian religious organization dedicated to meeting the growing needs of families and children and particularly those of Saltlick and Springfield Townships, Fayette County, and Donegal Township and Donegal Borough in Westmoreland County, by integrating psychological, educational, and developmental concepts within a Biblical and Christian framework. The programs offered by the Center to the individual family units, local organizations, the surrounding communities and other religious organizations as defined in the Internal Revenue Code, Section 5.01 (c) (3), as amended, are geared to deal with all aspects of family living, including but not limited to child development, with a view of Christianity as being an important part of these aspects. (Matthew 5:13-16)

            The Center is ecumenical in orientation. It’s purpose is not to establish another church, but to serve in the capacity of a para-ministry. It is the philosophy of the Center to work with the various churches in a mutually beneficial way; an "open-door" policy is maintained by providing resources to local organizations, and outreach to the local community, both Christian and non-Christian. Members of the local community, as well as those from other communities, are encouraged to become involved in the Centers operation. This orientation towards outward growth is seen as vital and essential to the scope of the ministry.

ADOPTED: January 7, 1982

REVISED: November 6, 2000



A.Child Care and Educational Services: To provide Christian based, quality child care and educational services to members of the target population at affordable prices.


B.Parent Education: To provide Biblically based parent education to parents of children in the programs, members of the target population, as well as members of the surrounding communities.


C.Model for Christian services for Families and Children: To provide a working model for services to families and children that integrates psychological, educational and developmental principle’s in a Biblical perspective, for the use of other professionals and lay people working with families and children.


D.Resource for other organizations in the community: To provide a resource for other community organizations (churches, P.T.A.'s etc.) to use as an information and referral source.


E.Education and Support for Families: To provide biblically based workshops on family living which will support a Biblical model of Christian family living needed to strengthen the family unit.


F.Evangelical: To incorporate in the program a presentation of Christ as the basis and strength for families and individual lives, and to work with churches in the target area in a reciprocal way.

(Ephesians 5:21-6:4)

ADOPTED: January 7, 1982

REVISED: November 6, 2000