High School Teacher


EDUCATION:                 Columbia International University                                     May 2001

                                       Columbia, SC 29230

                                       Master of Arts: Teaching English as a Foreign

                                       Language/Intercultural Studies

                                       Geneva College                                                                  January 1992

                                       Beaver Falls, PA 15010

                                       Bachelor of Arts: Spanish

                                       Bachelor of Education: Elementary Education

                                        Latin American Studies Program                                       Fall 1990

                                        San Jose, Costa Rica

HONORS:                      Summa Cum Laude, Alpha Chi National College Honor Society

PROFESSIONAL            PA Teacher Certification: Spanish, Elementary Ed.

CREDENTIALS:             ACSI Permanent Certificate

                                       National Teacher Exam

PROFESSIONAL            College Board Advanced Placement Program             Each June, 2005 to Present

DEVELOPMENT:          AP Spanish Exam Readings                                             


                                     ACSI Teachers' Professional Development                  Each October, 2009 to

                                     Conferences                                                                  Present

Costa Rica Trip, Intense Spanish Program                    May 2004

                                       Midlands Technical College, SC

                                       South Carolina Foreign Language                                  February 2004

                                       Teachers' Association Conference

                                       AP Institute in Spanish Language                                  June 2002

                                       University of North Carolina


                                       Teaching English as a Foreign Language                      Summer 2000

                                       Summer Institute, Chisinau, Moldova

CLASSROOM                 Champion Christian School                                       August 2009

EXPERIENCE:                 Donegal, PA                                                             to Present

                                      Instructor: High School Spanish, ESL, Health, Social Studies

                                      The Lighthouse Christian Bilingual School                 August 2008

                                      La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras                                    to June 2009

  Instructor: High school literature, Librarian


            Ben Lippen High School                                                   January 2000

                                    Columbia, SC                                                                   to June 2008                                     

Instructor: High school Spanish, ESL summer program;

 Assistant house parent to international students


                                     St. Andrews Christian Academy                                    October 1998

                                     Columbia, SC                                                                 to May 2000

                                     Instructor: Elementary Spanish

                                       Samara State University                                                  September 1995

                                       Acad. Pavlov Street, 1                                                      to June 1997

                                       Samara, Russia 443011                                                   

                                        Instructor of English language and literature; student worker through the                                                                     International Fellowship of Evangelical Students



MINISTRIES &              Short-term missions trips with high school students and churches

ACTIVITIES                   Student missionary fellowship advisor

             Spanish for Ministry instructor

             Drama and Puppet teams


Philosophy of Education

As a Christian school teacher, I believe that I should teach so that my students are prepared in many different aspects. Students need to develop spiritually, academically, socially and physically during their years in school and as a teacher I can help to guide their development. I believe that it is important for me to help students to glorify God in all that they do in every aspect of their lives.

First and foremost I believe in the importance of helping students to develop spiritually. Students need to develop a strong relationship with God and to seek His will for their lives. They also need to develop a Christian worldview that has a strong foundation in Scripture. As a teacher I can help students apply the truth of God’s Word by integrating it in all of the subjects that I teach. I also want to prepare students to be “world Christians” who are ready to share the truth of God’s Word with those at home and overseas.

It is very important that students are prepared well academically in order to succeed in whatever the future holds for them. Students need to have knowledge and skills in a variety of subjects and be able to continue to learn throughout their lives. I believe that students also need to learn how to apply what they’ve learned in practical real world situations. I can do this by making the classroom learning as hands-on as possible. As I share my past experiences in classes, I hope to encourage students to travel and interact with other cultures. Finally, I believe that it is important to integrate the classroom subjects with each other and with God’s Word.

During the school years, students develop socially in many ways. As a teacher, I hope to encourage students to develop healthy relationships with those around them, no matter what their gender, age or nationality. Using God’s Word, I want to guide students to love and respect each other and to be quick to serve one another.

Finally, as students go through the various stages of their physical development, I hope to encourage them to develop good motor skills and physical health. As a teacher, I can help students learn to make wise choices in health, nutrition and exercise that will affect their total wellbeing. I can also guide them to consider how to glorify God in their bodies, as mentioned in the book of Romans.

As a teacher, I believe that it is important to teach the whole student. As students are developing spiritually, academically, socially and physically, I hope to encourage them to strive for excellence and to do all for the glory of God.




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