Middle School and High School Teacher & Music Director


1969-1975     North Star High School - Forbes Campus, Kantner, PA : College Prep. Course

1975-1979    Grove City College, Grove City, PA: Bachelor of Music Degree: Cum laude with Honors in Music 

1980-1982     Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA: Master's Degree work in Education:Secondary Education and Research Writing

1983-1985     Saint Francis College, Loretto, PA: Master's Degree work in Education

1986-1988    Liberty Bible Institute, Lynchburg, VA: Certificate in Biblical Studies  

2005-Present      Writing Across the Curriculum, Dyslexia...Symptoms and Solutions, Classroom Management...Putting Together the Pieces, Differentiated Instruction...  One Size Does not Fit All, Spelling:  Orthographic Patterns and Memory,  A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose, Diagnosing Individual Learning Styles, Seven Actions of Inspiring Teachers, Biblical Integration Through Teaching a Biblical Worldview, Understanding Literature Through the Eyes of the Author.

Nexus Live Professional Training    2011-2020  


PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS:           Pennsylvania Instructional II Certificate  1986

                                                                               Pennsylvania Private School Certificate  2006

                                                                               ACSI Certification - Standard Level           2006



2005-Present     CCS Faculty and Music Director

9/78 - 12/78        Slippery Rock School District,Student Teaching  

9/80 - 12/80        Substitute Teacher, Rockwood, Shade, and North Star School Districts, IU8   

1/81 - 5/81          Somerset School District, Elementary music.

10/81 - 5/87        Laurel Highlands Christian Academy, Elementary and secondary music.

9/84 - 5/00          Somerset Christian School, Elementary and middle school music.

9/86 - 5/05          Davidsville Christian School, K-12 Music, High School Social Studies and English

                             High School Principal 2002-2005.


9/81 - 9/10             Private Piano Instructor

11/05 - Present    Berlin Missionary Alliance Church, Director of Music

5/88 - 8/99             Pine Grill Restaurant, cook.

2006 - Present     Camp Mantowagan, Summer Camp Kitchen Director  


INTERESTS AND HOBBIES: Cooking, playing the piano, listening to good music, playing 

tennis, summer camp, playing with my grandchildren   


MARITAL STATUS:     Married to Mary Ann Reed - 1981

CHILDREN:      Jennifer Noel Pizer  and Jordan David Pizer

GRANDCHILDREN:      Zeke Eugene Pizer, Jaxson Reed Pizer, and  Delaney Joanne Pizer





A biblically-based philosophy of education is the foundation upon which the Christian education movement must be built.  Our founding fathers built this country on the absolute truths contained in the Bible.  The early American educational system was solidly based on the Word of God.  In fact, the Bible often served as a textbook in many classrooms.Through the years, however, new philosophies began to permeate our society.  These ideas were introduced by prominent men of the time, including Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud,and B. F. Skinner.  These men did not believe that God created the heavens and the earth.  They stressed the importance of man rather than God.  These ideas, often referred to as humanism, began to influence educational thought and eventually, the Word of God was removed from our educational system altogether.

       As Christian educators, we must teach our students the importance of the Bible and how it relates to living life as part of the world we are in.  They must be taught to understandthe doctrines of Christian living according to the Bible and a knowledge of the other anti-Godideas that permeate our world as well.

       A Christian philosophy of education must include a number of important elements.  These include a Christian life view, the doctrines of God, Jesus Christ, man, education, parental responsibility, and discipline to name a few.  The Christian educator must believe in a creation-based life view.  This view affirms thatGod is the center of the universe.  He created man in His own image and is in complete controlof our world.  This life view offers man the opportunity to to receive eternal life by simply trusting Christ as Lord and Savior.  This wonderful hope makes living the Christian life in our present society much easier and more enjoyable.  It is the duty of a Christian educator to help ourstudents form a Christian life view after they have received Christ as their Savior.The Bible simply assumes that God does exist.  Hebrews 11:6 states, "But without faith itis impossible to please Him; for he that cometh to God must believe He is, and that He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him."  We must work with our students terstand this very important concept of faith in God.  Students must learn to understand that God exists and can be seen through nature itself; the changing seasons, the planets and stars hanging in thesky, and weather conditions to name a few examples. 

       Our Christian philosophy must have Christ at the center of all we do and say.  Christ was sent to serve as a personal example for believers.  Christian educators must train students to use the life of Christ as a pattern for Christian living.  This will help now and in the future when our students are young adults.  We must help them with this from a very young age all the waythrough to graduation as a high school senior.

       According to the dictionary, one definition of education is the process of teaching.  The purpose of Christian education is to teach students the truth as expressed in the Bible.  It isour duty as Christian educators to teach our students biblical truth and how to apply it to their daily lives.  The Christian school teacher must also exemplify the life of Christ and the truth as found in the Bible.  Our students should be able to see the example Christ set forth in his life come alive through us as we are teaching them.  We must also teach our students that obeying God leads to all knowledge and wisdom.

       Parents have the God-given responsibility of caring for and raising their children according to the Lord's standards.  Children must be taught to respect their parents and others in authorityover them.  They must also be taught to respect other children at school as well.  It is the Christian teacher's responsibility to continue to help parents with this training by reinforcing the Bible's commands concerning the raising and teaching of children.

       Discipline is also important in every aspect of our students' lives.  We, as Christian educators, must strive to implement a sound disciplinary program in our classrooms. realize the important responsibility we have been given in understanding the battle that is raging between good and evil in the world and in the lives of our students.  A teacher who does not discipline students in a biblical way may lead a Christian school to failure in its each to today's young people.




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