Section 1.01. Name. The name of the Committee is the Parent Advisory Committee.

         Section 1.02. Status. The Parent Advisory Committee is an advisory group of parents formed to give advice and suggestions to the Board and the Administration of the Center.



         Section 2.01. Statement of Purpose. The Parent Advisory Committee, referred to herein as PAC, is a group made up of parents who have been involved in the Center at least one year, and whose purposes are: 1) to use their gifts and graces to help fulfill the ministry of the Center 2) to contribute to the development and initiate fund-raising programs, 3) to encourage and expand parent participation in parental meetings, activities, parties, and other special occasions, 4) to coordinate volunteer services such as work parties and building maintenance, and finally, 5) to develop a motivational plan to encourage more involvement in all of the aforementioned purposes so as to aid the Center in the attainment of its goals.

         Section 2.03. Statement of Purpose of the Center. The Indian Creek Valley Christian Family and Children’s Center is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian religious organization dedicated to meeting the growing needs of families and children and particularly those of Saltlick and Springfield Townships, Fayette County, and Donegal Township and Donegal Township as well as Donegal Borough in Westmoreland County, by integrating psychological, educational, and developmental concepts within a Biblical and Christian framework. The programs offered by the Center to individual family units, local organizations, the surrounding communities and other religious organizations as defined in the Internal Revenue Code, Section 5.01 (c) (3), as amended, are geared to deal with all aspects of family living, including, but not limited to, child development, with a view of Christianity as being an important part of these aspects.

         The Center is ecumenical in orientation. Its purpose is not to establish another church, but to serve in the capacity of a para-ministry . It is the philosophy of the Center to work with the various churches in a mutually beneficial way; an “open door” policy is maintained by providing resources to local organizations, and out-reach to the local community, as well as those from other communities, are encouraged to become involved in the Center’s operation. This orientation towards outward growth is seen as vital and essential to the scope of the ministry.

         Section 2.04. Goals of the Center. The following six goals are set forth by the center.

A. Child Care and Educational Services: To provide Christian based, quality child care and educational services to members of the target population, as well as members of the population at affordable prices.

B. Parent Education: To provide Biblically based parent education to parents of children in the programs, members of the target population, as well as members of the surrounding communities.

C. Model for Christian Services for Families and Children: To provide a working model for services to families and children that integrates developmental and psychological principles in a Biblical perspective, for the use of other professionals and lay-people with families and children.

D. Resource for Other Organizations in the Community: To provide a resource for other community organizations, (churches, P.T.A.’s, etc.) to use as an information and referral source.

E. Education and Support for Families: To provide Biblically based workshops on family living which will support a Biblical model of Christian family living needed to strengthen the family unit.

F. Evangelical: To incorporate in the program a presentation of Christ as the basis and strength for families and individual lives, and to work with churches in the target area in a reciprocal way.



         Section 3.01. Membership. Membership within the PAC shall require appointment by the Board of Directors with input from the Staff and this Committee.

         Section 3.02. Meetings. Persons who are not members of the Parent Advisory Committee may address it on particular issues. Previous scheduling with PAC is required.



         Section 4.01. Composition. The PAC shall be composed of current parents who have been involved in the Center at least one year and who are committed to the Center’s vision.

         Section 4.02. Number. The PAC shall not consist of less than three persons nor more than ten persons.

         Section 4.03. Term. A term is defined as one year. Members shall be appointed by the Board and shall serve on the Committee for one term. After each term of service, a member may decide to re-nominate himself for another term of service. A member may not serve three consecutive terms.

         Section 4.04. Expulsion or Removal. In case a member fails to uphold the requirements, purposes, and responsibilities of the Committee, this Committee shall submit a written list of grievances to both the Board of Directors of the Center and the individual in question by registered mail. The person in question shall be given fifteen days to respond. It is then the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Center to initiate removal proceedings.

         Section 4.05. Resignation. Any member may withdraw from the Committee after giving written notice of such intention to the Secretary, which notice shall be presented to the Committee and to the Board of Directors of the Center by the Secretary at the first meeting after its receipt.

         Section 4.06. Compensation. No member of the Parent Advisory Committee shall receive a salary for the duties performed as a Committee Member, but shall be entitled to reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred in performing tasks on behalf of the Center which has been authorized by the Board of Directors.

         Section 4.07. Duties of the Committee. The Committee may (1) hold meetings at such times and places as it thinks proper; (2) make membership and expulsion recommendations; (3) appoint sub-committees on particular subjects from the Members of the Committee and parents; (4) print and circulate documents and publish articles approved by the Director; (6) devise and carry into execution such other measures as it deems proper and expedient and have been approved by the Center Director to promote the objectives of the Center.

         Section 4.08. Meetings of the PAC. Regular meetings shall be held at least once every other month during the school year or as often as the Committee determines. The President may, or the Secretary shall at the request of two-thirds of the Committee issue a call for a special meeting when it is deemed necessary.



         Section 5.01. Number. The officers of the PAC shall be the President, Vice-President, and Secretary. The President shall be a Christian who subscribes to the Center’s statement of faith. (Refer to statement in handbook.)

         Section 5.02. Election. The Committee shall elect all officers for a term of one year. Two-thirds of the total members of the Committee shall be necessary to constitute an election and all shall serve until their successors are elected and assume their offices.

         Section 5.03. Duties of Officers. The duties and powers of the officers of the Committee shall be as follows:

A. President: The President shall preside at the meetings of the Committee and shall perform all such other duties as are necessarily incident to the Office of the President.

B. Vice-President: The Vice-President will assist the President and shall have such powers as conferred by the Committee or the President.

C. Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to give notice of and attend all meetings of the Committee and to keep minutes; to conduct all correspondence, and to keep a list of the Members of the Committee; to notify the Officers and Members of the Committee of their election; to notify members of their appointment on sub-committees; to furnish the Chairman on each sub-committee with a list of committee member, if deemed necessary by the officers; to prepare an annual report of the transactions of the Committee and generally devote his/her best efforts to forwarding the business and advancing the interest of the Committee. In case of absence or disability of the Secretary, the Committee may appoint a Secretary pro-tem. The Secretary shall also see that absent Committee Members shall receive copies of meeting minutes and shall carry on communication with the Board of Directors.

D. Vacancies: All vacancies in any office shall be filled by the Committee without undue delay.

E. Removal: The Committee shall have the right to remove any elected Officer with an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the full membership of the Committee.



         Section 6.01. Special Committees. The President may, at any time appoint other committees on any subject for which there are no standing committees.

         Section 6.02. Committee Quorum. A majority of any sub-committee of PAC shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, unless any committee shall, by a majority vote of its entire membership, decide otherwise.

         Section 6.03. Vacancies. The various committees shall have the power to fill vacancies in their membership.



         Section 7.01. See Section 4.08. Meetings of PAC. Regular meetings shall be held at least once every other month during the school year or as often as the Committee determines.

         Section 7.02. Quorum. The presence in person or by proxy of two-thirds of the Members of the Committee entitled to vote shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

         Section 7.03. Voting. If the manner of deciding any question has not been otherwise decided or prescribed, it shall be decided by two-thirds vote of the Members of the Committee present in person or by proxy.

         Section 7.04. Proxies. Every Member of the Committee entitled to vote at any meeting thereof may vote by proxy.

         Section 7.05. Order of Business. The order of business shall be as follows at all meetings of the Committee.

         A. Opening Prayer

         B. Calling of the Role

         C. Reading of the Minutes

         D. Director’s Report

E. Receiving of Communications from the Board, the Advisory Board, and other appropriate sources.

         F. Election of Officers and new members

         G. Reports of Officers

         H. Reports of Sub-Committees

         I. Unfinished Business

         J. New Business

         K. Report of Activities

         L. Closing Comments

         M. Scheduling of Next Meeting         .

         N. Closing Prayer

         The Order of Business may be altered or suspended at any meeting by a majority vote of the member present.


         Section 8.01. The Organizing Members of the PAC are:

                             Beverly Braverman

                             Jeff Stough

                             Kathy Stough

                             Donna Tressler

                             Dave Yonai

                             Marsha Yonai

         Section 8.02. The Director of the Center. The Director of the Center shall be an ex-office member of the committee.



         Section 9.01. Amendment. The By-Laws may be altered, amended or appealed and new By-Laws adopted by the Board of Directors.

Revised: November 6, 2000

Revised: December 2001