Staff Salaries for the Center

The following salary numbers are designed to be a guide to know how the Center utilizes and spends its employment dollars. Of course, as many non-profits, salaries comprise a significant portion of our budget. If you are looking for employment, we ask that you use these numbers carefully and prayerfully to consider how God might use the area of remuneration in your life.  Calling is an important aspect of work.  As with many ministries, the wages below reflect a portion of what people might make in other similar employment situations and all of our positions share equally in sacrifice. Full time professional staff receive health insurance benefits.  

The Center is a place where individuals can invest and grow professionally as well as individually and spiritually.

Certified Teachers starting salary:  $32,500 plus health insurance, other benefits, and bonus opportunity. 

Professional Counselors:  $ 37,000 a year

Full Time Staff and Faculty Receive Tuition Assistance for children attending Preschool or K-12

Transportation Positions

    Mechanics:                                   $ 13.50-14.44 an hour depending on role and skills 

    Mechanic Helper:                        $ 11-12 an hour to start 

    Drivers:                                         $ 12.60 an hour with CDL  $12.10 an hour without CDL

Support Staff:                                   $ 10-17.14 an hour depending on role and skills     

Substitutes:                                   $ 14.29