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Dear Champion Christian Preschool Parents,

We are praying for you in these very uncertain times.
I wanted to let you know that our CCS Board and Administration have been working to stay ahead of everything during these times. I have been in virtual meetings with schools from around the country and in China to help learn how communities and school families will be impacted. There is good news out there, but uncertainty as well. This is particularly true of preschool because it does not make sense developmentally to send learning packets home or to do online learning as the older CCS students are doing.

I hope that you have engaged with our very cool teachers who have been sharing things on iChampion to you and your children. Since this crisis has created such an abrupt stop in the children's relationships with their school family, the teachers have all been working their normal hours to help with establishing some connection with their students. They have been really creative in their messages and I encourage you to log in and take a look! You won't be disappointed, I promise. As of Sunday afternoon, over half of you have been on iChampion and viewed things! If you need help remembering how to log in or have a technical support question, please email me or your teacher as we will gladly help.

Finally, I know you have questions about when will preschool/EEECS reopen, and if it doesn't, what will happen with tuition? This has been on our radar since day one of the shutdown. We are trying to anticipate an unknown future and to give you and the teachers some level of predictability in this crisis. As we have received guidance from the President, the CDC, and the Governor this week we have made a financial plan for preschool through the end of April. In anticipation of this, I want you to know the following things:

  1. We are fully committed to the health and safety of everyone and want to make good decisions about school enrollment.

  2. We are working to make prayerful decisions that are based on information and not fear, while still being cautious.

  3. In regards to tuition, our Board is committed to making sure that you are treated fairly. We are examining the issues and taking into account the ever-changing conditions in which we find ourselves right now. FOR NOW, WE ARE CREDITING EVERYONE'S TUITION FOR APRIL AND HAVE EXTENDED PRESCHOOL BY 8 DAYS UNTIL THE END OF MAY. We will make ongoing changes if a shutdown occurs.

  4. In trying to calculate what type of a tuition credit is needed, we will make sure that you are not charged for the days that you were not able to have preschool. As that timeline becomes clear, we will make sure that you are cared for in this.

  5. There is an important point of clarification about preschool tuition. For families who have been in preschool all year, there are about nine months of preschool throughout the year. The annual tuition for preschool is equally divided over ten payments, not on a per day or month basis. So, the payments that you make are not exactly monthly school payments, but a portion of an annual payment. Some of you have started preschool mid-year. Those numbers become complicated, but we will carefully sort everything out about number of days of school versus payments.

  6. For those that are in need of additional financial assistance, we are also looking for additional resources. Please let us know.

  7. We have also extended the due date for next year's registration fees. These will now be due May 1st.

We encourage you to check your email regularly as we will be sending out updates and information relevant to preschool each week. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.


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