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Corporate Financial Statistics


The Center is a non-profit corporation. We have several different facets of ministry, and our budget involves each of them. Every year, we do our best as stewards to wisely manage the wealth God has given us. This page will help keep you informed of the Center's financial standings on a regular basis. Our fiscal year is from September through August.


If you would like specific information regarding the Center's income, expenses, or budgets, feel free to contact at the Center with comments or questions.


Commonly Asked Questions:


Does your ministry have a strong financial background?

Yes. In fact we have been in existence since 1981 and have grown steadily.  Annually our budget is around 1 million dollars. 

What are the average staff salaries?

Our staff salaries are similar to other Christian ministries, which means that staff make significant financial sacrifices to work here. The Board is committed to the continual increase of staff salaries.  This year new faculty members started at $23,000.  We are committed to increasing that amount over the next couple of years.

Can I be sure my money is being put to good use if I give to the Center?

Absolutely. We keep track of all incoming funds and expense accounts. Every transaction is recorded and then the information is checked over by several individuals on a regular basis. An annual financial review is made every year by a certified public account who is independent of the Center.

What are the financial practices that govern your ministry? 

We have adopted some best practice statements that are based on current Christian ethical standards for ministries.  See them here.

You can view the Center's general accounting policies by clicking here

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