Trichomoniasis, sometimes referred to as Trichomonas, or simply Trich (pronounced "trick"), is a bacterial infection of the reproductive organs, that is transmitted through sexual contact.





Trich is the most common curable STD in the United States. Over 7.4 million cases are diagnosed each year.


The Inflammation caused by trich is someimts very painful and unbearable.


Many women mistake Trich for a yeast infection, or bacterial vaginosis (another non-sexually transmitted vaginal infection)


Trich can cause the female genital skin to become weak and easily torn or sore, which makes you more suseptible to other STD's such as HIV.


How Do You Get Trich?


Through sexual intercourse with an infected partner. 

Through genital-to-genital contact


What are the Symptoms of Trich?


Symptoms, if present, usually appear within 5-28 days from infection.




Many men have no symptoms

Burning or irritation during urination or ejaculation

Irritation of the skin on the penis or inside the urethra

Mild discharge





Usually a frothy (similar to spit) discharge that is yellow or greenish yellow, and has a foul odor, however the dischrage may vary from woman to woman, and may be thick or thin, yellow, white or green, and may have a strong or mild odor.

Discomfort during urination and intercourse

Irritation of the female genital area, inside and/or outside

In rare cases, abdominal pain


How Do I Know If I Have Trich?


A pelvic exam is necessary, in women, to diagnose Trich. A pelvic exam will sometimes reveal sores on the vaginal wall. If no sores are present, a slide sample must be taken of the discharge, to be looked at through a microscope. Generally this takes less than 5 minutes, to take the sample and look at it to determine whther or not you have Trich.

For men, a slide sample must also be taken in order to diagnose Trich.




Trich is curable with antibiotics, however, just because you have trich once does not mean you cannot get it again. You can still contract is again after being cured.


Make sure that if you are diagnosed with Trich you tell any and all partners, as well as having them also get tested and receive treatment.




For More Info:




The Center For Disease Control