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Martin Luther King Day

The Center takes off Martin Luther King Day every year in honor of his legacy. MLK advanced many areas of equality in America's history that were not right and needed corrected. It is important to understand that he (like all of us) did many things well, and had areas of his faith and walk that he struggled with regularly. Many of the areas that he worked on in his ministry still are areas of challenge in America today. Some of those we talk about regularly at the Center. Some of these are important to note here as we celebrate MLK's life and legacy. 

How Mike King Became Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - and 4 Ways to Remember His Birthday 

There are many issues around racism that get connected to this holiday. The Center is a very racially diverse organization and does, and has historically, reflected a much more racially diverse population that the community in which we are located. There are several important components to these discussions that we think are important. You can find more information in the following concepts and articles that may be helpful in your journey to think about racial tensions and how God thinks. 

Biblically, we believe that there is only one race. And that race was created by God. There is absolutely much cultural, ethnic, and DNA diversity expressed within that race. But those things do not reflect any less of God's image within all of that diversity. 

One Race, One Blood with Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis)

The current focus on Critical Race Theory is not one that honors the legacy or teaching of Martin Luther King, Jr., nor a biblical perspective on Race. There are many that believe MLK would not endorse the current thinking around CRT

Teach MLK, not CRT

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