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It's that time of year when everyone is looking forward to spring and a break from school that Easter arrives! The stores are full of candy, baskets, eggs and bunnies. Easter is the time we celebrate Jesus' resurrection. As you may recall from reading your CCS handbook, we want the focus of the holiday to be on Jesus. Some of you may choose to have other traditions in your own homes, but we ask that you respect the policy especially in classrooms parties.

A little history on Easter. "The date of Easter is set in relation to the same natural signs which mark the celebration of the Jewish Passover, generally following the first full moon of the vernal equinox by two weeks. It is celebrated on Sunday, "the Lord's day," since it was on this day of the week that Jesus rose again from the dead and was first seen by His disciples (Matthew 28:1-20)." Historically, some controversy has existed as to the naming of this celebration- Easter. In fact, the name is derived in European tradition from the Teutonic goddess of spring, Eostre, or the Greek goddess Astarte. (Taken from the pamphlet, "Because He Lives" by Pastor Jack Hayford) I think by now even though the roots of the word Easter may be pagan, the word is now associated with the religious celebration. I have, in recent years though, been saying "Have a blessed Resurrection Day" instead of Easter. That's what it is after all! And it does cause people to think.

So, how did the eggs and the bunnies get into it? It is suggested that the eggs can be a reflection of the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the egg has a shell, egg white and yolk. Others say it suggests the hope of life beyond as when a chick pecks his way out of the egg and into the world. The bunnies may be reflective of life's multiplying promise, or maybe because spring is a time of new life. Lambs are also shown in stores during this time and I find this symbol to be more easily connected to celebrating Resurrection Day. At the Passover, Jews all over the world know the significance of the lamb, and the blood that was smeared on the doorways of the nation of Israel in Egypt. Jesus, Himself, celebrated the Passover with His disciples. Jesus was the ultimate sacrificial lamb, dying on the cross to save us from our sin.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate this day, we pray that you will pass on to your children the true meaning of Easter.

At the Center we want our focus to be on Christ's resurrection, not candy, bunnies, etc. As with other holidays, we want Easter to be a fun and captivating time for kids that causes them to focus on the real meaning of the holiday, God's never-ending love for us!

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