The Champion Christian Preschool Program addresses the five areas of development with a basis in the belief that children learn through play experiences and to supplement what each is learning at home from their first and most important teacher: the parents. A new unit will be introduced almost each week to give a frame of reference upon which the curriculum (in class and on field trips) will be designed to develop the whole child.


          The first of the five areas is cognitive (intellectual). This is where the concepts of the alphabet, numbers, name recognition, writing, colors, and shapes are covered, as well as phonemic awareness, patterning, one-to-one correspondence, and so much more. The second is emotional where emotional expression, self-esteem, anger control, and following directions are developed. Next is the social area of development. Included in this area are sharing, cooperative play, appropriate word usage, respecting others, listening, and participation in group discussion. Fourth is the area of spirituality where participation in prayer and Bible songs, the concept of a triune God and a relationship with Him, and an interest in Bible stories are addressed. Last is the physical development of the child which is broken down into two parts. The first is fine (small) motor, including coloring, cutting, manipulation of small objects, writing, and participation in finger plays and movement songs. The second is gross (large) motor, including hopping, skipping, running, jumping, balance, and coordination.


          The student's progress will be observed, tracked, and assessed during the school year through various ways, and then discussed at individual parent/teacher conferences.  Many different observation and assessment tools will be used and are all developmentally appropriate.  If you have any additional questions after reading the preschool handbook, please ask your child's teacher.

God Bless You,

          Ms. Jen Pizer

          Head Preschool Teacher