Did you know that the Center’s library contains over 29,000 resources? Our books range from children’s to adult, resource to self-help! We also have a search program set up on every computer in each building to help find what you need quickly and effectively. It is exciting as the library continues to grow to keep up with the program needs of the Center. We are thrilled about the quality of our library and currently check in/out several hundred books per week!!! We also hope to make the library at the Center an outstanding Christian resource to the local community - but we need your help! Please help find the following people and things that we need. Send an email to  for a way to help!


I.        People Resources at Home

The following jobs can be done at home or at school as little as an hour a week commitment:

           A.        Book sorter and decision maker. A Christian who is interested in reviewing books for content and placement in the library for the following levels:

                       1.        Christian adult or child content

                       2.        Inappropriate content

                       3.        Usefulness to accomplish the Library’s mission

                       4.        Condition and quality of book

           B.        Persons to process, tape, repair and cover books

           C.        Detail Oriented Person(s) to edit the information already in our Digital Library Database


II.       People Resources at the Library - Needed at BOTH Campuses

           A.        Person to shelve books, help us do inventory of the library

           B.        Person to clean and dust books, tables, and shelves

           C.        Volunteer Librarians at each campus


III.      Other Jobs

           A.        Obtain quality books from outside resources for the library

           B.        Help with book orders

           C.        Marketing and Networking of Library (Public, Churches, etc..)  Digital Marketing Opportunities would increase usages.


IV.      Library Needs

The following items are needed by the Library committee to further the goals of the Library. Please contact one of them or the Center if you can assist in any way.

           A.        Quality books (Children’s, Christian Adult, Resources, Biographies, and Autobiographies)

           B.        Volunteers for the Library!!