Fall College Trip

CCS Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Dear Parents,

One of the reasons that we are successful with our students attending higher learning is that  we start early in helping kids to develop a vision and identity as life long learners.  We ask that you join us in this vision.  It doesn't matter what type of life long learning means the most to a student, but becoming a life long learner literally starts early.  These days  in high school are critical to the development of that self image.  We plan trips to various colleges and other post high school learning institutions throughout your child's high school career so that they can begin to learn how to make those decisions.  We would encourage you to not think about college and career planning beginning as Seniors, but rather throughout their time in high school.  Even if your child is not planning on attending the specific college we are planning to visit this year, going along is important. 

The 2023-24 College Trip will  be to TBA.  Final plans are being made this spring for the fall.  The cost of the trip will be $TBD for transporation and students will bring a lunch.  We will be leaving 8am and returning about 8pm.  Dr. Skinner will be the staff going on this trip. 

Some of the schools that we attempt to visit on the four year cycle are:

Geneva College,  Grove City College, Messiah University, Liberty University, Cairn University, Cedarville University

Each Trip attempts to capture the following:

When we arrive at campus, we will take a tour of the campus, talk with admissions counselors, and maybe have a meal in the cafeteria. It will be a great experience for our students. We will leave in time to return to the Center that evening. This is a mandatory trip, and students will only be excused at the insistance of their parents.  One of the reasons that CCS has such a high success rate at students attending life long learning experiences after high school is the value that is placed on these experiences by them attending.  Experiencing college campuses is the only way for students to begin to sort through the many feelings and decisions that they have to make during their last two years of high school.

Although parents often are temped to allow students to not attend, the faculty believe this is a very important event and strongly encourage all Freshman through Seniors to visit regardless of their intentions or interests after school.  Most students change their mind and their majors many times, so more information at their fingertips is always better!

This is the last trip that we will make to this school while the Freshman are in High School.  We have a  four year rotation, so this is their time! We do not rotate back to schools in the four year cycle unless there is another special reason to go back, so take advantage of this experience!

 We are not advocating that students go to any particular school, but that they look. Several CCS graduates are currently attending many of these schools.

Although college may seem a long way off for your child if they are freshmen or sophomores, preparation needs to begin now. Our goal in visiting colleges is to get a glimpse
of college life on a variety of college campuses. Generally, students are very impressed when they get on the campus of a university, and we hope the variety of experience helps
students with their decision making.

Juniors need to visit campuses so that they can be prepared to make a well thought-out and prayerful decision next year when applying to colleges. Seniors should have visited a variety of campuses already. This trip is important for them, even if they think they know where they are going since they will have an opportunity to ask questions. Dr Skinner will be driving and in charge of the trip.  Please direct your questions to him. 

The cost of this trip is  to cover transportation and varies based on the distance.

This  completed permission slip should be posted by your student to the appropriate location in iChampion as soon as possible so that we can register at the schools. Please contact Dr. Skinner or Ms. Belinda for additional details.

______________________ will be attending the Fall College trip.

______________________will not be attending the trip. I understand that my  child will report to school and attend classes, as normal and have a written assignment related to attending college and these particular colleges. 

Student's name:

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