International Student Agents


Our international coordinator and Champion Christian School Principal is Mrs. Belinda Lane.  Her number is 724-593-9200, extension 111. Contact her at the following email address with international student in the subject line.   


Champion Christian School admits international students to our middle school and high school programs, with the ultimate goal of students being able to graduate from Champion Christian School.

We accept applications from individuals and families only, but do work with agents to help families apply. Below are several policies that guide us when working with agents.


1.  We do ask students who are referred to CCS by an agency to remain with that agency for the life of their enrollment at Champion.  Once a student is working in a referral relationship with an agency and Champion, a student must stay in that process throughout his or her experience at Champion Christian School.


2.  The prices that are advertised on our website are the individual student prices.  There is no financial aid available to international students.  All agency fees should be added to those advertised fees. 


3.  If your agency has a family that it is referring to Champion, please email us the name and contact information, and that they are being referred by your agency. 


4.  Please contact us for additional information you may need about working with Champion on a school placement. 


5. Our school is on a semester system just as the universities in the United States. We start new classes for school in August and in January, but international students can start a week or more after that and still get class credit for the semester through makeup work. 


6.  We cannot accept a direct application from a studentís agency, but we would like to have your recommendation for this student in preparation for the video interview. We will need the student and their family to complete the application which is online. Refer students to for the application which is the same for all students. You can send that to us by email.

7.  Tuition would be half of the full tuition amount for students applying for the January semester. If a student does not need tutoring and ESL after we test him or her, we can credit that amount to his or her account for the following year or return the money as you wish.

8.  Once we get the application, complete the review and interview process we will make an I-20 for that student from the information on the application and send that to you by express mail.  Money does not have to be sent until a student is approved to receive the F-1 visa, but the annual (non-refundable) tuition fees need to arrive by August 10th before the student plans on coming to America.    


9.  We do not have any international teachers at Champion, only American Faculty Members. We have teachers who teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and will act as a liaison with regular teachers for those international students in mainstream classes. We have tutoring for students who are having academic problems. 


10.  The international student coordinator will send a monthly progress report for each student that will include progress in regular classes, ESL, and host family comments. Report cards are sent each six week period in pdf format so that agencies can forward those to parents.


11. The host families and the school get the students together once a month or so to have international food, answer questions, solve problems and socialize.