Dear Friends of the Christian Family & Children’s Center and Champion Christian School,

        As many of you know, we have made an intentional effort to attract students from other countries to Champion Christian High School. It is a great experience for them and for us! Our international program began several years ago with an exchange student from Japan. Since then we have had students from South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Russia, Thailand, Bangladesh and other parts of the world.

        These experiences have provided countless benefits to the international students. It also exposes CCS students to other cultures. Most of the students we have hosted came from Asian countries. We have found these students to be extremely polite and family- oriented. We work to be intentional in making sure that students match the student profile at Champion. We also strive for a good balance of diversity among the international students. This helps to maintain the intentional culture and community of Champion.

         We continually receive requests from international students who want to study in a Christian environment in America. These incredibly brave, and fine students have to be able to be placed with a good Christian host family, who will not only care for them, but be their parents away from home. We have the opportunity to uniquely impact these students' lives through partnering host families and in the culture of our ministry.

        We hope that you will partner with us as a host family. It is possible to only commit to a half year with a student if your family circumstances will not allow you to plan for a full year. If you would be interested in this opportunity, please contact our International Student Coordinator at or at 724-593-9200 ext 105 immediately. If you cannot make a commitment at this time, but would like to be considered in the future to host a student, please contact us as well. We can walk you through the steps of becoming a host family.

        At times, in placing students with host families, we must act quickly and be able to place a student in a host family within a short period of time to make the exchange work. As a rule, we like to place International Students with families who have had previous training and experience. Knowing a family's willingness to host, and having the appropriate application and documentation already in place is helpful. Please check out the remainder of the international student section of the website to find out additional information about appropriate policies, stipends to help cover the costs of the students who stay in your homes, and other important items. This is not an Exchange program where students stay for free in the host family homes. They all pay a significant stipend to help out with those costs.

        Thank you for considering to become a host family in our international program.




D. Merle Skinner, Executive Director Christian Family & Children's Center

P.S. You can view our Host Family Guidelines (Contract that is between the school the family and the Center) at the following link.