General Outline of Procedures for Host Families of International Students

1. International students are those students who have received an F-1 visa through Champion Christian School which has been approved by Homeland Security through the SEVIS program. (Student Exchange Visitor Information Service)

2. These students pay tuition directly to the school, after we have issued the F-1 visa. The entire fee for the year must be paid in full before the students commence classes.

3. Host homes are arranged and the families of the international students agree to pay the host families a monthly stipend for the duration of the stay. The fee for the entire stay is listed on the fee guide. The fee for the home stay is to be paid directly to the school which will in turn pay each month to the host family. If a student moves to another host family, the fee will be prorated on a daily basis that month.

4. This home stay fee is for the room and board of the student while in the household, but all other fees incurred by the student are his or her responsibility. Personal needs of the student must be paid for by the student such as clothes, school supplies, and personal toiletries. All school expenses must also be paid by the student which include such items as school lunches, field trips, sports programs and other miscellaneous expenses.

5. If the family goes on outings such as dinners, movies, museums, or vacations, the student is responsible for paying fees incurred. If the student does not want to attend he may be excused and stay home. If age appropriate, students may be at home alone during early evening hours. The host family should give the student all pertinent telephone numbers in case of an emergency.

International students may not be at home overnight with no adults in supervision. If the family needs to be away overnight, they may give advanced notice to the school coordinator of the program and a suitable family will be found to house the student.

6. All students must have up to date medical coverage for the school year.

7. A mandatory orientation meeting will be set with the host family, the international student, and the school coordinator to review rules and regulations regarding international student housing. This is a checklist that will be signed by the student and the host family outlining rules and expectations of the program with a clear delineation of what is expected from both the student and the host family.

8. A host family is expected to treat the student the same as all other children in the family. If the student is in sports or other programs, the family is expected to arrange transportation for that event as all other parents. The parents are expected to attend parent teacher conferences and monitor the student’s progress in school. We will have email addresses of the foreign families and expect that host parents will keep a correspondence on the progress of the student with the natural mother and father.