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Each school year, Champion Christian High School holds several academic festivals when students share special presentations with the rest of the school.


1. Bible Festival: The fourth week of September, students make presentations about a person, theme, or passage of the Bible. Click here for instructions.




2. Social Studies & Science Fairs: On alternating years during the first week of December, students make presentations on topics about social studies or science. Science fairs also include a scientific experiment. Click here for Social Studies Fair Guidelines and here for Science Fair Guidelines.



3. Speak Week: During the first week of February, students recite a poem, speech, or passage from the Bible.  Click here for Speak Week Guidelines.

4. Senior Synthesis: Seniors work throughout the school year to create a special presentation about a controversial subject that is given during the second week of April.  Click here for Senior Synthesis Guidelines.

*** All presentations should include a bibliography of sources in the MLA style.  Click here to see the basics for an MLA Bibliography.



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