Champion Christian School - Elementary Physical Education

       This is the part of the elementary curriculum in which the students have the opportunity to move about, stretch and exercise, and to learn and master physical developmental skills.  This year, we were very busy in our gym classes as we have been working on learning to play team games such as soccer, volley ball, hockey, and so forth.  We've also been working on becoming proficient in our knowledge and skills regarding the equipment and techniques of each sport but always with lots of fun!  We have been learning to use small aparatus such as bean bags, hula hoops, the parachute, jump rope, and the frisbee while we also work on our fine motor skills of tossing, kicking, catching, etc. 

       We've been discussing sportsmanship and working as a team as ways to please God with our physical being.  We've even practiced our learning through team builidng games.  Through each class, we have also learned many different Bible stories that have helped us to apply what we learn in gym class to our daily lives serving God.  It's been a great year in gym class here at Champion!


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