End of Year Field Trip


          In May of each year, the CCS Middle School faculty and students attend a special overnight field trip. Our trip is an extension of the curriculum here at Champion Christian School. We intentionally plan educational activities with a Biblical emphasis. Parents or grandparents are welcome to attend as chaperones.
          In rotation, we visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, and Gettysburg, PA. While in these cities, we have visited Fort McHenry where the "Star Spangled Banner" was penned, the National Aquarium, the National Botanical Gardens, the National Cemetary to see the changing of the guard, and many other interesting museums and monuments along the way. This trip is a fun and educational way to cement the friendships that have grown over the year, and build lasting memories of this hands on experience.



Please see the school calendar for this year's dates and location.


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