Tutoring at Champion Christian School

Students having academic difficulties may need or be required to enroll in the CCS learning support for additional tutoring. This program has been successful in helping students with learning issues and often provides the extra help in a particular subject. It is also helpful for students who need remedial instruction. Students receive tutoring once or twice a week for a period of 30 (or 45) minutes from a certified teacher employed by CCS.  Tutoring is given at either North or South Campus before or after school as well.  Please contact us (724-593-9200 or 724-455-2122) for more information about individual tutoring.

Tutoring is available during the summer by appointment. Please give us a call to find out the summer session lengths, cost, and to schedule a session.

North Campus
Donegal, PA 15628
(724) 593-9200
South Campus
Indian Head, PA 15446
(724) 455-2122