Businesses, Examine this great opportunity
to promote your business and help the Center at the same time!

Donate a Tax Deductible Item forBS00877A.gif (1713 bytes) the Charity Benefit Web Site

1.  Help provide Christian Programs for the family

2.  Receive a tax deduction because the Center is a 501(c)3 organization as
        defined by the Internal Revenue Code for your in-kind donation

3.  If the Item is valued at $50 or more, we will post it on our Charity Benefit
        Website which will receive significant attention on the Internet

4.  Establish a minimum bid for the item (we ask you would set this as low as
        you feel you are able) which makes sure that the Center receives value
        for your gift.  If your item does not bring this minimum we won't sell it. 
        This helps assure you that your gift is making a difference in the ministry
        of the Center, not just being a bargain for someone!

5.  Relax and have fun knowing that you have helped the Center in its ongoing
         and vital mission in the community.

Contact us by phone 724-455-2122, 724-593-9200 or email for additional information about donating!

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